Gazpacho in Seville – History of the Andalusian Gazpacho

Origins of the Gazpacho

Delicious cold soup with ingredients such as olive oil, bread, vinegar, water.

Among the most consumed and emblematic foods that we have in Andalusia and Seville there is a great variety of them based on the basic ingredients that we have within our range. Mountain, sea, countryside, everything at the service of nutrition and human culinary pleasure. From that mixture of ingredients we have cold soup, a soft puree, and delicious porridge.

It was originally a food strongly associated with the poorer people, and has been nourishing the vast majority of the Andalusian population for centuries. It has evolved from being the food of the least privileged people to using top quality products. As one of the first dictionaries from the early 18th century tells us

[Gazpacho is]

A kind of soup or menestra, which is made regularly with pieces of bread, oil, vinegar and garlic and other ingredients according to the preference of each. It is regular food of reapers and rustic people.

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These are humble origins, associated in a sure way with the customs of the common people and the people who dwell in the countryside are letting us a number of things clear. Among the most valuable information it gives us is the very composition of the dish: bread, olive oil, garlic and a touch of vinegar on the basis you choose. From there on, he doesn’t get too much into discussions -those will follow- on about what must have a gazpacho to be considered as such.

Gazpacho is the king of the south during summer and perfect before tasting tapas in seville, when a portion of this elixir is used as the best anti heat remedy, thus avoiding abundant meals at a time when the temperature does not make it advisable to overeat. In addition to being fresh, it is also delicious, and since it is based mainly on tomato, pepper and cucumber, it makes it healthy. 

This summer recipe does as many different ways as there are homes in Andalusia, as we have shaped the taste to the gazpacho of our home. While some do not add bread or vinegar, others use more salt or garlic for a more intense flavor. At the time of being served it is usually served in a bowl, traditionally made of clay. And with garnished green peppers, chopped onion and chunks of bread. 

The classic gazpacho is, alongside salmorejo, one of the most traditional and appetizing summer dishes. But don’t forget to taste the many possible variables around this concept, you won’t be disappointed. You can experience it -among others- in these different ways.


– Watermelon Gazpacho
– Cherry Gazpacho
– Strawberry Gazpacho
– Ajoblanco (with almonds)
– Green Gazpacho
– Pre-Columbian gazpacho (without tomato and using the elements that would have existed before the tomato was brought from America)


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