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Cathedral and Giralda of Seville Guided Tour 2022

Skip the line and visit the Cathedral and climb to the Giralda with tickets included.

 Cathedral and Giralda of Seville
 Available all year
  English, Spanish
 4238 reviews
From  €29

Cathedral and Giralda of Seville Guided Tour - 2022

Skip the line and visit the Cathedral and climb to the Giralda with tickets included.

 Cathedral and Giralda of Seville
 Available all year
  English, Spanish
 4238 reviews.
Visit to the interior of the cathedral
Best Tours - See Seville - Seville Cathedral - The Giralda

Get ready with this guided tour to see one of the wonders of Seville and the world. With this monumental visit of the temple, you will enjoy direct access to the Cathedral of Seville and the Giralda of Seville.

Seville Cathedral
seville cathedral : Unesco declared it, together with the Real Alcázar and the Archive of the Indies, a World Heritage Site in 1987.
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Cathedral and Giralda Guided Tour

Visit the Cathedral and the Giralda of Seville on the same guided tour

Seville is home to one of the most iconic and beautiful buildings in the world, the Cathedral of Seville. This magnificent structure is one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in the world, and its breathtaking size and grandeur are sure to leave you in awe.

The Cathedral of Seville is open to the public for visits and guided tours. This is a great opportunity to see one of the most famous and important buildings in Seville and learn about its history and architecture. The guided tour of the cathedral takes you through the different parts of the building, explaining the significance of each. You will also get to go up to the top of the famous Giralda tower for stunning views of Seville.

  • Included

    • Visit Seville Cathedral in a small group.
    • Ascent to the Giralda.
    • Cathedral tickets included.
    • Professional official temple guide.
    • Preferential access without queues.
  • Not included

    • Audio guide of the Alcazar (additional cost).
    • Hotel pick up.
    • Drinks or meals.

Please, check the voucher you will receive for the details and specific instructions about this activity.

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    SEE THE TEMPLE OF SEVILLE - TICKETS INCLUDED - Cathedral of Seville and the Giralda Guided Tour - Best Tours - See Seville - Seville Cathedral - The Giralda

    What To Expect

    Visit to the Cathedral with climb to the Giralda

    Known as the largest Gothic temple in the world , the Seville Cathedral was also declared a World Heritage Site in 1987, along with the Royal Palace of Seville and the archives of India.

    Its impressive Gothic structure makes it an ideal monument to visit and, in addition, as a tribute to its splendor, on July 25, 2010 it received the distinction of Property of Outstanding Universal Value. During the visit, we will explain that it is marked by different great epochs. There are seven periods: the Almohad period (1172-1248), the Mudejar period (1248-1401), the Gothic period (1401-1528), the Renaissance period (1528-1593), the Baroque period (1618-1758), the so-called Academic period and, finally, the important Neo-Gothic period (1825-1928).

    Next to the Cathedral, and as the highlight of your visit, you will see the sovereign and protective Giralda, which protects the central nave and chapels of the cathedral: there is no better view of Seville than from the Giralda!

    Emblem in its own right of the Sevillian capital and even part of the logo, the Giralda and the Giraldillo are two precious and inspiring symbols for many artists.

    Once on the roof of the Giralda, you will see that the view of the city of Seville is unique from this point of view.

    Let's not forget that you can also visit the famous Patio de los Naranjos , which is now fully integrated into the Cathedral and whose main entrance bears the name of the Puerta del Perdón .

    Cultural visit inside the Cathedral

    The Christopher Columbus mausoleum is just one part of the cultural show offered by our Cathedral. Its gargoyles, sculptures, torches, majestic pointed vaults that cover the choir of the temple, its tall forged doors, its chapels decorated with stained glass windows where the paintings of Francisco de Goya and Bartolomé Murillo are memories that will remain engraved in your memory after your visit.


    • The late Gothic and Plateresque alabaster chapels, the "Capillos de los Alabastros", are interesting because they are built against the outer walls of the choir and have fine wrought iron bars.
    • The small Chapel of the Conception contains a wonderful wooden Immaculate Conception by M.Montañez
    • The High Sacristy, behind the altar, contains a fine plateresque coffered ceiling and three paintings by Alejo Fernández. The third enclosure is the 16th century Royal Chapel, the royal funerary chapel located at the eastern end of the cathedral. It is dedicated to Fernando el Santo, conqueror of Seville, and the 18th century screen represents the scene of the handing over of the keys to the city.
    • The High Sacristy is a domed Renaissance structure, and contains the tombs of Alfonso X, the Wise, and his mother Beatrice of Swabia. In front of the main altar there is a silver reliquary from the 18th century that contains the remains of Fernando el Santo. In the center is the Virgen de los Reyes, a 13th-century Romanesque Virgin that Fernando led into battle and who is the patron saint of Seville.
    • The crypt contains the remains of the rulers of Castile, including Pedro I the Cruel and his mistress María de Padilla. There is also a 14th-century ivory figure of the "Virgen de las Batallas", a French work that Ferdinand is said to have also carried into battle as a talisman.
    • The Main Chapel is surrounded on three sides by golden bars from the 16th century. The Main Chapel contains a huge late-Gothic altarpiece (75 feet high, 66 feet wide), which was designed by the Dutch Pieter Dancart and built from 1482 by Dancart and others. The side wings were added later. There are around 1,000 figures grouped into 45 scenes from the life of Jesus and Mary; among them are the figures of the saints (including the patron saints of Seville).
    • In the sacristy there is Murillo's painting "Mater Dolorosa" and in the chapter house a painting by Fernando III attributed to Murillo. The chapter house, elliptical in shape, is decorated by Sevillian artists and has an "Inmaculada" by Murillo, among other works. The Main Sacristy is unusually fine and decorated in a Plateresque style
    • The rich treasure of the cathedral includes: a reliquary, the Alfonsine Tables, which is a triptych; a large silver processional monstrance from the 16th century by Juan de Arfe; a bronze candelabrum over six meters high, Bartolomé Morel's "Tenebrario" from the mid-16th century; a fine "Deposition" of Pedro de Campaña of 1548; the "Virgen de la Merced" by Zurbarán; and the "Christ", an ivory carving by Alonso Cano.

    A detail to take into account in its history is that one of the first masters of the work was a Frenchman: the master Charles Galter, originally from Normandy (France) and the Cathedral withstood the terrible Lisbon earthquake in 1755.

    The tomb of Christopher Columbus

    The tomb of Columbus is located in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the See. It is located near the Puerta de San Cristóbal. The impressive explorer's tomb was installed in Seville Cathedral in 1902 and is a perfect home for the remains of Christopher Columbus.

    Four men carry the coffin.

    These four characters symbolize the kingdoms of Castilla, León, Aragon and Navarra.

    The Giralda

    The Giralda tower takes its name from the figure that crowns the Fides, 5 meters high, made by Bartolomé Morel in 1564. Its standard serves as a weather vane or as all Seville call it the "Giraldillo", as a symbol of the triumph of Christianity. The whole of the tower became known as the "Giralda".

    There is a Giralda replica at the foot of the Cathedral to facilitate photographs. It is not advisable to climb the Giralda for people with cardiorespiratory problems, since the climb is made of 35 ramps and can be difficult.

    It was originally a minaret attached to the mosque, built between 1184 and 1996. In case you wonder how many minarets there are in Seville, the answer is 12, all of them later transformed. The sides of the tower are divided into three sections by divisions that resemble strips of pilasters. This joint is broken by twin windows (mullion) with Visigothic and Moorish capitals. It was not until 1568 when Hernán Ruiz added the five upper sections to the tower. It has 24 bells and the platform offers a good panoramic view of Seville.

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  • Languages

    English, Spanish.

  • Availability and Prices

    Check the prices of the visit and the availability of hours and days according to the time of year in our reservation calendar.

  • Cancellation policy

    • Moderate cancellation policy.
    • The reimbursement of the entrance fee to the Cathedral (including administration costs) will not be granted in case of cancellation of the visit.
    • Cancellations made 48 hours before the start of the activity will be refunded 100%.
    • Cancellations made between 48 and 24 hours before the start of the activity, 50% refund.
    • Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the start of the activity will not be refunded.
  • What tips do you need to know before your visit

    • It is mandatory to wear a mask at all times. Please bring yours.
    • The social distance within the attraction is maintained: a distance of more than 1 meter between visitors.
    • Crowds are avoided and the rules of the monuments must be respected.
    • Although we reduce waiting times to a minimum and enjoy a preferential queue, on busy days or in high / semi-high season, it is necessary to be patient and follow the organization and safety rules of the temple itself.
    • For those who register for the visit as pensioners, students, children or the disabled, it is necessary to prove it with the corresponding documentation. The identity document or passport of each participant to buy the tickets and must be provided before starting the visit and carry it with them during the visit.
  • Rules & Restrictions

    • Late arrivals will not be reimbursed . If the group is complete, the visit will begin waiting for a time acceptable to those who are delayed (about 5 / 7mn).
  • Accessibility

    • There is a free service for people with reduced mobility and brochures - with very complete information - about the temple in Braille language for people with visual disabilities.
  • Private Tours

    If you prefer a private visit in your own language, adapted to your needs, consult our private visits section or send us a request through our form: CUSTOM MADE PRIVATE VISIT IN SEVILLE .

  • FAQS: Visit to the Cathedral of Seville and Giralda

    The answers to the most frequently asked questions about visiting La Santa Iglesia Catedral Metropolitana de Sevilla.

    Who built the cathedral of Seville?

    Juan Gil de Hontañón master builder (Rasines, Cantabria, ca. 1480 - 1526) and Juan de Castillo, Spanish architect of the 16th century. He is known in Portugal, where he produced most of his works, as the greatest architect of his time and one of the most outstanding in Europe. Among many other works, he participated in the creation of five monuments declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. He was also the first Spaniard to receive the highest Portuguese decoration, being named Knight of the Order of Christ. And, of course, he was one of the architects, if not the most important, of the Cathedral of Seville.

    How old is the Cathedral of Seville?

    The years of the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Seville began more than eight centuries ago, from the beginning of the Almohad period in 1172.

    What is the total size of the Seville Cathedral?

    The Gothic part alone has a length of 126 m, a width of 76 m and its maximum height at the center of the transept is 42 m. If we mark the data of the Cathedral of Seville in general, we have Length 135 m, Width 100 m, Width of the nave 15 m, Height 42 m.

    To whom do the remains of the famous navigator preserved in the Santa Iglesia Catedral Metropolitana de Sevilla belong?

    Christopher Columbus, who died in 1506, is buried in the Cathedral of Seville.

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