The website (hereinafter, the “Website”), is an e-commerce service dedicated to the management of the booking and sale of tours, excursions, guided tours and holiday leisure activities that operates in various contexts and provides guided tour services through the Naturanda group (Agencia de Viajes Naturanda Turismo Ambiental S.L, with identification code CIAN 416350-2 and CIF B90054370 and Active Tourism company registered with license AT/SE/00072, with registered office in C/ Rastro 12a, 41001 Seville, you can consult the general conditions in the: following link).

This website makes available to its users (hereinafter referred to as “Internet users or customers”) a platform under the web address through which a natural or legal person who may represent a company (hereinafter also referred to as “the Internet user”) can book tours, excursions, guided tours and sometimes need additional contractual assistance for their leisure requests:


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Contact e-mail :
Address : Bollullos de la Mitación – Séville.


The objective of the website is to offer the Internet user a catalog of services for booking activities, excursions and guided tours in different countries around the world. In case it is necessary to transfer from one point to another for the proper functioning of the contracted activity, the website informs that the transfers are services provided directly by third party partners of the website.

Consequently, is limited to offer this transfer service, in different places, at the request of the Internet user and will be responsible for the means of transport of the contracted company and will be himself responsible for the means offered. Similarly, the website will offer free of charge throughout its existence and available to its Internet users for personal use, through the and when deemed appropriate, travel guides to different destinations, including photographs, information on transportation, the most important tourist attractions, maps that can be interactive and various recommendations / tips related to the destination.

The access and consultation of the free travel guides mentioned above may only be done through the Internet and their commercialization is prohibited, as well as their use in their image and likeness by any other company in the sector, since these guides are protected by intellectual property laws, the Internet user accepting this prohibition and taking responsibility for their improper and unauthorized use, being important to specify as usual that the hiring of the services offered by the website will be made between the Internet user and, although for other services, the website will be limited to provide in its catalog of services and online platform, the activities of suppliers or service providers of d’autres so that they can be contracted directly by users from the website; in the latter case, at the time of booking, the Internet user will establish a direct contractual relationship with the service provider with whom you have booked the activity or transfer.

The website will only act as a simple intermediary between the user and the final service provider, simply transmitting the booking data to the service provider and sending the Internet user an e-mail confirming the booking with the activity data.


By accessing, consulting or using the information and contents accessible through the Web Site, the Internet user declares to know and accept the present conditions of use, which define the rights and obligations of, as well as to become a beneficiary of the service of a provider of excursions, visits and transfers, normal services of use related to the use of the Web Site (without prejudice that special conditions may exist for certain services) and the acquisition of services and which replace any other condition, unless there is a prior written agreement between the Internet user and


In order to make reservations through the website, the Internet user must provide simple personal data (title, surname, first name, e-mail, telephone and cell phone). If the reservation is made for an agent of a professional agency, the reservation must be made in the name of the client and must include the name of the person who will benefit from the activity. The website recommends that you always create a profile with your personal Internet user data to keep track of your bookings and access a booking history in case you have made a reservation. Through this account, the Internet user will have a profile that will allow him/her to have a non-public space to manage all the reservations made through the website. For the purposes of communication between the website and the Internet user, the Internet user declares that he/she provides real and complete information about his/her identification or, if applicable, about the person in whose name the exercise or change is reserved. In this sense, only the Internet user is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided on the website and the consequences that may arise from errors in the information provided.

The Internet user is responsible for the use of his or her account. Consequently, they will be responsible for the custody and confidentiality of the user name and/or passwords that allow access to their account, and agree not to change their use to other Internet users, third parties or companies with personal profiles. In case of anomaly, theft, misuse, the Internet user must immediately inform by e-mail by accessing the contact form provided at the following address: so that the website proceeds to its cancellation or blocking and/or deactivation as quickly as possible.

As long as these facts are not reported, the website is released from any legal liability arising from the misuse of user names or passwords of users by other unauthorized persons, and Internet users who register freely choose not to engage in any activity that goes against the website.

Such as:

a- Create a profile or use the Web Site to use or reuse material that is unlawful, offensive, pornographic, abusive, indecent, defamatory, obscene or threatening of any kind, or that violates any copyright, trademark or confidentiality, privacy or other right, or is otherwise offensive or objectionable to others.

b- Use the website for fraudulent purposes or in connection with crimes or illegal activities of any kind; introduce or disseminate computer viruses that may produce non-self-induced alterations; disseminate racist, violent or false comments on the website; and prohibit employees of competitors from falsely insulting the website in order to denigrate it without grounds to take advantage of it.


Reservations made by each Internet user will be made after a thorough reading of our product descriptions on the website of each of the products offered. The dates and times of the activities, excursions and guided tours indicated on the website have been pre-established by the website itself and do not allow any modification in this regard. Only an Internet user who has booked a private service can change the date and time of an activity 8 hours before the start of the activity to allow for its reorganization.

The website reserves the right to cancel the activity if it is impossible to apply the schedule or date changes, and the reservations made by the user will be confirmed by email within 24 hours or as soon as the system has finished checking all possible data in the case of having made a mistake, it is imperative to address this problem immediately through direct email and available

In any case, the response of the website will be based on each situation, on each request for help to the user as long as the situations of the reservation, visit and/or guided service allow it.


The meeting place and meeting point, date, time, duration and all the necessary information for the enjoyment of the activity, excursion and/or guided tour booked, are detailed in the description of each service on the website, as well as in the summary of qu’un in the confirmation email that the website sends to the User once the reservation has been made.

In the confirmation email, can, in addition to providing all the information about the service booked, provide the Internet user with a discount booking form for other activities, excursions and/or guided tours booked.It is essential to be punctual and arrive at the appointment point at the time and date indicated on the booking form, as many activities, excursions and guided tours must depart at a certain time and it is not possible to change the start time.

The duration of the activities, excursions and guided tours published on the Website are referential and may vary slightly depending on the evolution of the service itself, or due to any factor beyond the control of the, service provider and/or, for example, bad weather, traffic problems, strikes, power cuts, etc.

If before starting the activity, the Internet user has questions about the booked service and, in particular, about the meeting point of the activity, excursion or visit, he/she can contact the website at the contact phone number indicated on the website, WhatsApp, email, form.

The website reserves the right to suspend excursions if there are justified reasons or if the minimum number of participants is not reached – a minimum of 2 people is required to guarantee a language.

For excursions taking place in Tangier, Morocco and Gibraltar (UK), it is IMPORTANT that the interested party is informed the day before the activity: PASSPORT MANDATORY. A valid passport and/or visa in the traveler’s name is required on the day of travel.


the website, for a type of small group or private excursions, you can use a car rental company with driver to transport your customers/Internet users. The cars that transport clients are generally 5-seater vehicles with all the required documentation.

The risks incurred during the transportation of customers are fully covered by the insurance of the car rental company with driver. private service: The transfer service offered by is private, so the vehicle can only be used by users who have contracted this service. the number of seats indicated on the service provider’s website is the maximum number of persons that can travel in the vehicle, in addition to the driver.

Please note that children occupy the same seat as adults, and for airport transfers, the Internet user must indicate the flight number and estimated time of arrival of his or her flight. For transfers from a specific point of destination, the User only has to indicate the time at which he/she wishes to be picked up.

These services are additional and have their own cost and are independent of the guided tour services. route changes or voluntary stops can be decided by the customer, but subject to the agreement of and the acceptance of a supplementary quotation for additional services. it will be necessary to provide the details of who can drive the vehicle and, when using the services, the Internet user must be aware that the activities carried out sometimes involve associated risks.

By participating in the activities of the website, the customer accepts that he will not be able to claim an extraordinary compensation or as a consequence of a traffic accident of the private transport associated with our tourist activity, as n’est is not responsible in any way for the transport associated with an activity.


In case of cancellation by the traveler less than 8 (eight) days prior to the scheduled service date, full payment will be required and no refund will be allowed.

Any cancellation by the traveler between 8 (eight) and 12 (twelve) days prior to the scheduled service date will result in a 50% deduction of the amount due.

Any cancellation by the traveler more than 13 (thirteen) days before the scheduled date of service will result in a deduction of 70% of the amount due + a flat-rate administration fee of €35, including taxes.

Ticket entrance fees (MONUMENT entrance tickets, museum reservation fees, etc.) are excluded from any reimbursement and cannot in any case give rise to a particular or full reimbursement.

THE WEBSITE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MAKE ANY REFUND FOR TICKETS PURCHASED IN ADVANCE AND NOT BEING ABLE TO USE THEM ON THE SCHEDULED DAY, THESE TICKETS WILL NOT BE USED AND WILL BE DESTROYED DUE TO CANCELLATION BY THE CUSTOMER. reserves the right to modify its cancellation conditions on a case by case basis or to revise its refund policy without having to update this section to inform its Internet users.


The Website may not be held liable if the non-performance or delay in the performance of one of its obligations described in these general conditions of sale is due to force majeure and, as such, force majeure means any external, unforeseeable and irresistible event, as indicated in Art. All reservations are recorded solely on the basis of the information provided by the Internet customer or through the intermediary designated by the customer for this purpose.

In particular, the website declines all responsibility in the event of a reservation made on the basis of inaccurate or incomplete information, delays or errors on the part of Internet customers in accessing the meeting point of the activity, excursion, guided tour and/or transfer booked.

In other words, the website assumes no responsibility if the Internet user misses the activity or transfer booked due to lack of punctuality and/or absence at the corresponding meeting point; in the event that the service provider denies access to the corresponding activity, excursion and/or guided tour because the customer does not have the corresponding omission d’un printed on paper and/or downloaded on his cell phone (as required in each case on the website).

Damages and thefts affecting customers and their property during the use of the activities, excursions and guided tours and/or during the trip of the transfer service booked; injuries, damages and accidents suffered by customers during the satisfaction of the activity, excursion, guided tour and/or transfer booked, as well as injuries, damages and accidents suffered by the customer who finishes performing l’activité. Missed flights, trains, buses or any other means of transportation due to failure to notify the website.

The client is solely responsible for knowing the departure time of his/her flight/train/bus in order to request the pick-up service at the appropriate time, the weather conditions in which the activities, excursions and guided tours booked by the clients take place.

Likewise, the website does not offer any guarantee nor is it responsible in any case for damages of any kind that may arise from access or use of the contents or the website, technical failures attributable to red, datascenter or force majeure causes that prevent the proper functioning of the website or a blockage of the Internet network that prevents the normal operation of the website or blocking the booking engine or erase the dates of availability.

The website also reserves the right to apply sanctions in the event of non-compliance by the client with: these general conditions of sale, the rules for visiting the places visited, those of the car rental companies in which the group will be transported, as well as the rules of good conduct in any place that is part of the visit.

The rules of good conduct mentioned above are as follows: To present oneself in decent attire To comply with the laws in force Not to consume alcoholic beverages in excessive ways that may provoke violent behavior in the places visited, as well as in the vehicle during a transfer.


All disputes relating to the interpretation and execution of these general terms and conditions of sale are subject to Spanish law. In case of litigation or claim, the customer will address in priority to the company the particular visits to obtain an amicable solution. In the absence of an amicable resolution, the dispute will be brought before the Commercial Court of Séville. The website reserves the right to consider that a dispute must be resolved in the good sense of the term, and may also demand its client for defamation for not obeying certain menaces.


All rights to the content, product sheets, design and source code of this Web Site, the texts, logos, drawings, trademarks, photographs, brand claims, images, trade names, trade names and data, mailing addresses, domain name included in the Web Site and any other intellectual and industrial property rights are reserved exclusively to and are also protected by strict license. CC BY-NC-ND.

Consequently, and by virtue of the provisions of the Royal Decree-Law on the Spanish territory of 1/1996, of April 12, 1996, declaring intellectual property rights and trademark law du 17/2001, du 7 décembreThe reproduction, transmission, adaptation, translation, distribution, public communication, including making available, of all or part of the contents of the Site, in any form and by any technical means, is expressly prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by

The website does not grant any license without its consent, nor any reproduction or authorization of use of any kind on its intellectual and industrial property rights or on any other property or right related to the website.

Any use of these contents not previously authorized by the user will be considered a serious infringement of intellectual or industrial property rights and will give rise to the legally established responsibilities.

Intellectual property related to comments on the website

To the extent that the website allows the publication of opinions, the User grants a free and unrestricted license to use, distribute, publicly communicate, adapt and reproduce such opinions. Through this license, may transform, adapt and definitively use the opinions of the Users for advertising and promotional purposes on the websites and social networks belonging to the website, as well as remove those that are considered offensive or violent.


The website reserves the right to add to these General Conditions of Use any changes it may deem appropriate, in which case Internet users will be duly informed. These modifications will be valid from the moment they are published on the Web Site and may be consulted by Internet users.