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Seville Night Tour 2024

 2H Seville Old Town Only spanish

Seville Night Tour - 2024

Seville night tour to enjoy and get excited.

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couple visiting seville and taking a night tour of the city
6 €
Holy Week Night Processions

Night Tour: Discover the magical views of the city at night

The magical views of Seville at night

Our star route consists of the most important and famous monuments, squares and leisure places in the city. The night is the moment when the everyday character of the city melts into another atmosphere with its own characteristics, transforming it into a magical place that captivates culture fans, bohemians and other curious minds.

The night allows you to enjoy a new facet of the peculiarities and eccentricities of this city: you will get to know Seville in the best way! This is the perfect way to experience Seville's vibrant nightlife and see the city in a whole new light.

On our route you will pass through squares that personify the history of this unique city, you will see the plenary statue of the Virgin under the Immaculate Conception crossing the Plaza del Triunfo.

It goes through the main streets and squares of the center ending in Laraña street, which is located right next to the current Faculty of Fine Arts.

On our night tour, we will find several unique events that shook the inhabitants of the city of Seville along with their secrets , stories and past times in which life in Seville was very different from today.

What To Expect

Highlights of the Night Tour

Come explore the dark side of Seville with our expert guide who will show you all the paranormal spots in the city. Visit prominent buildings such as City Hall and the Cajasol Foundation, which are said to be hotspots of spooky activity, and hear the various ghost stories and incidents that have been reported there.

Venture into the private homes of some of Seville' s most prominent residents to see if you can experience something out of the ordinary for yourself. Finally, end your visit at one of the downtown hotels that are said to be rife with paranormal activity. This is a visit not to be missed by any lover of the supernatural and the unpredictable of the night.

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Our star route consists of the most important and famous monuments. Discover the magical night views of Seville. This tour covers the city’s famous monuments, plazas, and leisure spots, transforming into a magical place that captivates culture enthusiasts and curious minds. Enjoy Seville’s vibrant nightlife and uncover its secrets.

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     Seville Old Town 
     Available all year 
     Only spanish 
    • Night visit on foot through the historic center of Seville.
    • A professional guide.
    • Only in English or Spanish (for spanish see the spanish version and calendar booking. Another language, see section private visit in Seville)
    • Drinks and food
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    night tour of sevilla - Seville Night Tours – Seville Night Tour
    night tour of sevilla - Seville Night Tours – Seville Night Tour

    Night Tour through Seville Enriching

    Tours offers one of the most unique routes through the historic center of Seville.

    You can enjoy, for example, the spectacular lighting of Seville before reaching the beginning of Calle Marina, where you will find some streets that play a crucial role in the history and intricacies of Seville.

    The charm of Seville

    This night tour accompanied by an experienced guide will entertain you with anecdotes and interesting facts. Those who have already enjoyed our route say that it has been one of the best they have done during their stay in Seville, and we believe that they are right because knowing Seville in this way is an extremely enriching experience .

  • Languages

    Only spanish

  • Accessibility & What tips do you need to know before your visit?


    • Visit for everyone.

    What tips do you need to know before your visit?

    • Take into account that the excursion takes place at sunset / night.
  • FAQS: Night Visit

    The answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    What is a night visit to Seville?

    It is one of the most popular tours in Seville. It is a night walking tour to get to know the city and its history and culture. You will enjoy a complete guided tour of the city in Spanish.

    Is Seville a city to visit?

    Seville is one of Spain's top tourist destinations, and it's not hard to see why. With a rich history and impressive architecture, there is always something new to see and explore in the Andalusian capital.

    Is the tour suitable for children?

    The visit is suitable for children from about 10 years old. The guide will make sure that the children are entertained and have fun with the legends of Seville.

    Is Barrio de Santa Cruz in Seville?

    The Santa Cruz neighborhood is the most typically Andalusian of Seville. Its streets, squares and fountains are an authentic expression of Sevillian culture. The tour of Barrio Santa Cruz will take you through its endless streets and squares.

  • Cancellation policy

    • Moderate cancellation policy.
    • Cancellations made 48 hours before the start of the activity will be refunded 100%.
    • Cancellations made between 48 and 24 hours before the start of the activity, 50% refund.
    • Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the start of the activity will not be refunded.

    Rules & Restrictions

    • Late arrivals will not be reimbursed . If the group is complete, the visit will begin waiting for a time acceptable to those who are delayed (about 5 / 7mn).


  • Seville Night Tour


    A great tour of Seville, full of charm and history, an overview of the city, with lots of information and anecdotes. A very good time.
  • Seville Night Tour


    I've been in Seville for a few days and was looking for something to do. I came up with this night tour of Seville to enjoy from a different and exciting point of view.
  • Seville Night Tour


    It was a great decision to do the night tour of Seville, because we were able to see the city in a very different way.
  • Seville Night Tour


    The night tour of Seville was much more than I expected. I have done other night tours in other European cities, and this one was beyond what I could have imagined.
  • Seville Night Tour


    The guide was knowledgeable, helpful, and funny.
  • Seville Night Tour


    It was a lot of fun, the guide was extremely knowledgable and friendly, the price was right, I highly recommend this tour.
  • Seville Night Tour


    This is one of the most fun tours I have ever done. The experience was unique and memorable and I will definitely recommend it to my friends and family.
  • Seville Night Tour

    Maria Nieves Trujillo

    The tour was great. It was a small group so we were able to spend more time at each stop.
  • Seville Night Tour


    I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who wants to have a different view of Seville.
  • Seville Night Tour


    This is a great tour, I loved it.
  • Seville Night Tour

    Belen Piñero

    I recommend it to anyone who likes night tours, you will see parts of the city that are not usually visited, you will be able to admire the lights of the city, you will see the bridges and how they look at night, you will see the Cathedral and the Giralda and the view is spectacular, the guide is good, you will hear stories and legends of the city, you will love it.

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