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Holy Week in Seville 2024

When is Easter Week in Seville 2024? Official itineraries, timetables, news, poster of the 2024 procession.

Seville Holy Week 2024, the must-see event of Andalusian culture

The Holy Week of Seville is a religious celebration that takes place every year in the week leading up to Easter. It is one of the most important events in Andalusian culture and attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. The processions, traditional costumes, and religious fervor that permeate the city make the Holy Week of Seville a unique experience that should be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime.

Historical Introduction to Holy Week in Seville 2024

The most awaited celebration of the year in Seville

With the April Fair 2024, the Holy Week in Seville is an essential event of Andalusian culture. Discover the processions, traditional costumes and religious devotion that invades the city.

Holy Week in Seville is a unique experience that you must live at least once in your life. Let yourself be seduced by the beauty of the floats and the popular fervor that reigns in the streets of the city.

You should know that Holy Week in Seville has its origins in the 14th century, according to popular memory, with the foundation of the first brotherhoods dedicated to worship. From then on, new corporations were created regularly, always starting from a parish or a guild, to worship Jesus Christ and his mother, the Virgin Mary, and represent in the streets scenes of the Passion as described in the Gospels.

In each neighborhood, in each parish, brotherhoods were founded. Similarly, guilds such as coopers, goldsmiths, bakers, sailors or coachmen decided to join forces to form their own brotherhoods. It was in 1605, more than 400 years ago, when the Cardinal of Seville, Fernando Niño de Guevara, dictated rules that obliged each brotherhood to make a station of penance to the Holy Cathedral. This is how Holy Week in Seville as we know it today was born. Little by little, over the years and centuries, Seville expanded and an increasing number of brotherhoods took root in the social, religious and even political fabric of the city.

During Holy Week, the monuments of Seville become a unique setting for the celebration of this festival. From Seville Cathedral to the Giralda, passing through the Torre del Oro or the Alcázar, the city dresses up to receive the faithful and visitors who come to witness the processions.

When is Holy Week 2024 in Seville?

Key dates and calendar 2024

Seville is recognized for its spectacular Holy Week celebrations. The city's processions are famous for their ornate floats, solemn music, and large crowds of participants and spectators.

Some of the most notable processions in Seville include the Procession of La Macarena, the Procession of El Silencio and the Procession of El Gran Poder. During Holy Week, dramatic religious processions fill the streets while sacred statues and floats are transported for miles each day and night from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

The official routes of the Holy Week processions in Seville are announced each year and later you can consult them in this article 'SPECIAL HOLY WEEK 2024'. The processions follow a carefully planned route through the streets of Seville, passing by some of the city's most significant monuments and landmarks. By following the official routes of the processions, you will have the opportunity to witness these impressive floats up close and experience the excitement and passion of the people of Seville as they come together to celebrate this important religious event.

This unique cultural and religious event attracts visitors from around the world to Seville. Don't miss this unforgettable experience on Seville's cultural calendar.

We understand that finding tips on Holy Week in Seville or planning a visit to Seville during Holy Week can be overwhelming, with so many things to see and experience.

That's why our guide is designed to provide you with all the information you need to make the most of your trip and make sure you don't miss anything.

When it comes to the 2024 work calendar, one of the first doubts that arise at this time of year is when is Holy Week.

On this occasion, the spring holidays will fall between Sunday, March 24 and Monday, April 1.

The dates of Holy Week are determined based on the lunar calendar\*.

Thus, the Sunday after the first full moon after the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere is Easter Sunday (also called Gloria or Resurrection Sunday), which can fall between March 22 and April 25.

From there, the rest of the dates are distributed, which in 2024 are as follows:

  • Palm Sunday: March 24
  • Holy Monday: March 25
  • Holy Tuesday: March 26
  • Holy Wednesday: March 27
  • Maundy Thursday: March 28
  • Good Friday: March 29
  • Holy Saturday: March 30
  • Easter Sunday: March 31
  • Easter Monday: April 1

*The annual variability of the dates of Holy Week affects various economic sectors, including tourism, commerce, and the school calendar. In order to stabilize this situation, Pope Francis has proposed establishing a fixed date for Easter, which would take place on the second or third Sunday of April. In this way, the holiday would cease to depend on astronomical conjunctions. The Pope's main objective is to unify the Catholic date of Easter with that of the Orthodox, who separated from Rome in the 11th century. Although the initiative has received the support of several Spanish bishops, it has not yet been finalized. However, if it were to be carried out, this change would have a significant impact on the lives of millions of people around the world.

Good Friday, a National Holiday Throughout Spain

It Will Be the Only National Holiday

Regarding the holidays of Holy Week in Spain, Good Friday, March 29, will be the only national holiday. However, depending on the autonomous community, additional days may be added to the work calendar. Some autonomous communities include Maundy Thursday, March 28, as a holiday, while others opt for Easter Monday, April 1. There are also communities that include both days as holidays. It is important to take into account these regional variations when planning activities or trips during Holy Week in Spain.

Weather Forecast for Holy Week 2024

Check the weather and rainfall forecast for this year

Although it is impossible to predict exactly what the weather will be like during Holy Week 2024, estimates can be made based on historical data and meteorological models. According to these projections, the probability of rain during Holy Week 2024 varies depending on the region and the usual weather patterns at that time of year.

In general, Holy Week usually falls during the transition period between winter and spring, which means the weather can be quite variable. In some regions, there may be occasional rains and storms, while in others there may be drier and sunnier weather.

This year 2021, Seville will be the Andalusian city with the highest temperature during Holy Week, reaching highs of 22.4 degrees and lows of 10.5 degrees. The city's average annual temperature is 16.5 degrees, with highs of 19 degrees and lows of 8 degrees. About 5 days of rain are expected in the city.

On Sunday, March 24, the first day of the week, Seville will have a minimum temperature of 9 degrees and a maximum of 21 degrees, one of the best days of the week. Rainfall of 1.8 mm, a humidity of 71%, and wind gusts of 18.2 Km/h are expected.

On Monday, March 25, we will have a maximum temperature of 20 degrees and a minimum of 11 degrees, with rainfall of only 1 mm and a humidity of 71.2%. The wind speed will be around 15 Km/h.

On Tuesday, March 26, no precipitation is expected, with a humidity of 63.4% and wind gusts of 15 Km/h. Temperatures will reach highs of 22 degrees and lows of 10.6 degrees.

On Wednesday, March 27, no precipitation is expected, with a humidity of 57.2% and a wind speed of about 20 Km/h. The maximum temperature will be 23 degrees and the minimum 9 degrees.

On Maundy Thursday, March 28, the wind speed will be around 18 Km/h, with a chance of rain of 0.3 mm and a maximum temperature of 21 degrees and a minimum of 10 degrees.

On Friday, March 29, the precipitation will remain similar to Wednesday, with a humidity of 62% and a wind speed of 15 Km/h. The maximum temperatures will be 23 degrees and the minimums of 10 degrees.

For the weekend, a significant increase in precipitation is expected, reaching 7 mm, and a humidity of 64%. The temperatures will be the best of the whole week, with highs of 24 degrees and lows of 11 degrees.

In summary, during Holy Week in Seville, pleasant temperatures and some rainy days are expected. It is advisable to keep an eye on weather updates and plan outdoor activities accordingly.

Holy Week Seville Semana Santa Recommendations

Official Schedules and Routes for Holy Week in Seville 2024

The official schedules and routes for Holy Week in Seville 2024 have been announced, and here we provide all the necessary information. The routes are divided into six categories, and each category has its own schedule.

2024 Good Friday Schedule in Seville

Pino Montano Passion and Death The Crown The Mission Bellavista Blessing and Hope
17.30 17.45 Departure - Tapiceros Departure 17.30
18.00 Plaza Ramón Rueda - Sembradores Departure 18.15 Luis Ortiz Muñoz 18.00
18.30 Agricultores Padre Mediavilla - Periodista Ramón Resa Rotonda Centro Cívico 18.30
19.00 Estrella Canopus Torcuato Luca de Tena Departure 19.20 Avenida Las Letanías 19.00
19.30 Camino de los Toros Avda. de Manuel Siurot - Visit to the Virgen del Rocío Hospital Altars Avda. Las Letanías 19.30
20.00 Sierra Norte - Sierra de Aroche Departure - Condes de Bustillo Departure 19.45 Amalia Domingo Soler - Tramontana Soria 20.10 Parish Ntra. Sra. de la Oliva 20.00
20.30 Corral del Agua - Corral Encarnación Evangelista - Prosperidad Placentines - Francos - Chapineros - Álvarez Quintero - Entre Cárceles Periodista Ramón Resa Asensio y Toledo - cruce Alcuceros Parish Ntra. Sra. de la Oliva 20.30
21.00 Mar de Alborán Virgen de Fátima - Virgen del Perpetuo Socorro Francisco Bruna - Plaza de San Francisco Torcuato Luca de Tena Roque Barcia Rotunda Ntra. Sra. de la Oliva 21.00
21.30 Corral de la Caridad Esperanza de Triana - Trabajo Granada - Plaza Nueva - Fernández y González Monzón - Photographer Antonio del Junco Almirante Argandoña Getsemaní 21.30
22.00 Mar de Alborán Febo - Evangelista García de Vinuesa - Puerta del Arenal - Arfe Avda. de Reina Mercedes Guadalajara Getsemaní 22.00
22.30 Church of Jesus of Nazareth - Mar Egeo Pagés del Corro Real de la Carretería - Rodo - Dos de Mayo Glorieta Heliópolis - Teba Laguna Manzanilla 22.30
23.00 Camino de los Toros Victoria - Rodrigo de Triana Arco del Postigo - Almirantazgo - Fray Ceferino González Ensanche - Nicaragua Almenas Manzanilla 23.00
23.30 Viñadores Plazuela de Santa Ana - Párroco Don Eugenio - Pureza Plaza del Triunfo - Joaquín Romero Murube - Rodrigo Caro Tajo - Panamá Caldereros 23.40 Blessing and Hope 23.30
0.00 Cortijo Las Casillas - Cerrajeros Fabié - Rodrigo de Triana Entrance Ebro - Uruguay Enamorados Blessing and Hope 0.00
0.30 Impresores - Soladores San Jacinto - Condes de Bustillo - Entrance 0:25 Avda. Padre García Tejero Almenas Entrance 0.30
1.00 Ferrallistas Entrance Alcuceros 1.00
1.30 Esparteros - Charolistas Rosas - Ávila 1.30
2.00 Entrance 02:15 Entrance 2.00

2024 Schedule for Saturday of Passion in Seville

Padre Pío Torreblanca La Milagrosa La Humildad San José Obrero Divino Perdón
3:00 PM Exit 3:10 PM 3:00 PM
4:00 PM Avda. de la Plata 4:00 PM
4:30 PM Avda. de la Calesera Exit 4:45 PM Exit Exit (4:45 PM) - Cueva de la Pileta 4:30 PM
5:00 PM Doña Francisquita Ébano - Abedul Cardenal Rodrigo de Castro Cueva de Menga - Plaza farmacéutico José Luis Exit 5:00 PM
5:30 PM Puerto de Piedrafita - Puerto de la Mora Pino - Encina Antonio de Nebrija Cueva del agua - Avda. Alcalde Luis Uruñuela Venecia - Urquiza 5:30 PM
6:00 PM Calatayud Pino - Torregorda Almotamid Calle la Acogida - Calle Brisa Arroyo Exit 6:00 PM
6:30 PM Francisco Carrera Iglesias Torresquevedo - Torrellana Arzobispo Salcedo Calle Milano plomizo Joaquín Morales y Torres Avda. Ildefonso Marañón Lavín 6:30 PM
7:00 PM Afán de Ribera Torre Bermeja Alfonso XI Milano real - Milano perlado - Milano plomizo Mateos - Verónica Avda. Las O.N.G. 7:00 PM
7:30 PM Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores Torrenaharro Gran Plaza Luis Fuentes Bejarano - Palmeras Reales Cristo de las Cinco Llagas - Sol Avda. Turia 7:30 PM
8:00 PM Párroco Antonio Gómez Villalobos plaza del Inmaculado Corazón de María - Torrenueva Avda. de Eduardo Dato Malvasía - Alcazaba - La Moraleja Madre Isabel de la Trinidad Avda. Ciudad de Chivas 8:00 PM
8:30 PM Galicia Torrevieja Hospital de San Juan de Dios Luis Fuentes Bejarano - Avda. Alcalde Luis Uruñuela María Auxiliadora Ciudad de Alfafar 8:30 PM
9:00 PM Lisboa Torrelaguna Calle San Juan de Dios Gruta de las Maravillas - Plaza de Ntro. Padre Jesús de la Humildad Carretera de Carmona Ciudad de Paterna - Ciudad de Pica-sent 9:00 PM
9:30 PM Coimbra Torrecuadada - Torre del Río Espinosa y Cárcel Plaza de Ntro. Padre Jesús de la Humildad San Juan Bosco - Jabugo - Pinta Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados 9:30 PM
10:00 PM Gavilanes - Salteras Torregrosa Santa María Mazzarello Paseo Párroco José Moreno Vega Mamá Margarita - Francisco de Ariño Ontur 10:00 PM
10:30 PM Rosales Torrescarcela Villegas Marmolejo - Parque Federico García Lorca Cueva de Menga - Cueva de la Pileta - Entrada Maestro Gómez Zarzuela - José María de Mena Nuestro Padre Jesús del Divino Perdón 10:30 PM
11:00 PM Avda. de la Calesera Torremayor - Torregorda Marqués de Nervión Vicente Alanís - Arroyo - Turdetania Avda. Ciudad de Chivas 11:00 PM
11:30 PM Avda. de la Plata Torremocha - Torre del Campo Fernández de Ribera Argantonio - Luis Álvarez Duarte Avda. Ildefonso Marañón Lavín - plaza del Obradoiro 11:30 PM
12:00 AM Ronda de Padre Pío - Carrión de los Céspedes Plaza Salvador Valverde Avda. de La Ciudad Jardín Nicasio Gallego - Iriarte Aparcamiento junto al Colegio Arrayanes 12:00 AM
12:30 AM Puebla de Cazalla José Muñoz - San Román Samaniego Avda. Ciudad de Chivas 12:30 AM
1:00 AM Castillo de las Guardas - Ronda de Padre Pío Drago Emilia Barral Escritor - Alfonso Grosso 1:00 AM
1:30 AM plaza Ciclamor - Cedro 1:30 AM
2:00 AM plaza de las Acacias - Abedul 2:00 AM

2024 Schedule for Palm Sunday in Seville

La Borriquita Jesús Despojado La Hiniesta La Cena La Paz San Roque La Amargura La Estrella El Amor
1:00 PM Exit - San Julián Exit - Río de la Plata 1:00 PM
2:00 PM Exit - P. del Salvador Relator - Feria San Diego 2:00 PM
3:00 PM Cuna - Orfila - J. Lasso de la Vega 2:20 PM Exit - Molviedro Europa 3:15 PM Exit - Sol Palos - Avda. Roma 3:00 PM
4:00 PM 4:05 PM Campana Zaragoza - San Pablo Alameda Capataz M. Santiago - Gerona Postigo - Arfe - Puerta Arenal 4:00 PM
4:30 PM 4:12 PM Sierpes 4:28 PM Campana Plaza del Duque Doña María Coronel Gamazo - J. Guichot-Barcelona 4:35 PM Exit - Carmen Benítez 4:30 PM
5:00 PM 4:45 PM Plaza 4:35 PM Sierpes 5:08 PM Plaza 5:06 PM Campana - 5:13 PM Sierpes Imagen - Laraña Tetuán Recaredo - Puñonrostro 5:00 PM
5:30 PM Avenida - 5:11 PM Catedral Avenida - 5:34 PM Catedral 5:36 PM Plaza Orfila - J. Lasso de la Vega Velázquez Jáuregui - J. Córdoba - Ponce León 5:45 PM Exit 5:30 PM
6:00 PM Placentines - Francos Triunfo - Santo Tomás 6:02 PM Catedral - Alemanes 5:43 PM Campana - 5:50 PM Sierpes 6:19 PM Campana - 6:26 PM Sierpes Almirante Apodaca - Imagen 6:20 PM Exit - S. J. de la Palma San Jacinto - Altozano 6:00 PM
6:30 PM Chapineros - Álvarez Quintero Tomás de Ibarra - A. del Postigo Placentines - Francos 6:23 PM Plaza 6:59 PM Plaza Laraña - Orfila - Lasso de la Vega 7:55 PM Feria - Conde de Torrejón Puente de Isabel II 6:30 PM
7:00 PM Entrada Dos de Mayo - Rodo Jesús de la Pasión - Lineros 6:49 PM Catedral 7:25 PM Catedral Trajano - Plaza del Duque Europa - Amor de Dios Reyes Católicos 7:00 PM
7:30 PM Real de la Carretería - Toneleros Miguel Mañara - Contratación Argote de Molina Plaza del Triunfo 7:22 PM Campana - 7:29 PM Sierpes Delgado - Trajano - Duque Puerta de Triana - San Pablo 7:30 PM
8:00 PM Antonia Díaz - Arfe - P. Arenal San Gregorio - Puerta Jerez Francos - Cuesta del Rosario Miguel Mañara - Contratación 8:02 PM Plaza - Avenida 7:55 PM Campana 8:02 PM Sierpes Magdalena - Rioja 8:00 PM
8:30 PM Castelar - Gamazo Doña María Coronel Tres Caídas - Alfalfa San Gregorio - Puerta Jerez 8:28 PM Catedral - Virgen Reyes 8:35 PM Plaza - Avenida Velázquez - O’Donnell 8:30 PM
9:00 PM Zaragoza Bustos Tavera Sales y Ferré - Cristo de Burgos Avenida de Roma Alemanes - Argote de Molina 9:01 PM Catedral 8:37 PM Campana - 8:44 PM Sierpes 8:55 PM Exit - Pza. Salvador 9:00 PM
9:30 PM Fray Bartolomé - Adolfo Cuéllar Pza. San Marcos - Vergara S. Leandro - Cardenal Cervantes Palos de la Frontera Francos - Cuesta del Rosario V. Reyes 9:17 PM Plaza Cuna - Orfila - J. Lasso de la Vega 9:30 PM
10:00 PM Pza. Molviedro Hiniesta Santiago - J. de Mesa - Alhóndiga Glorieta San Diego Tres Caídas - Alfalfa - Odreros A. Molina 9:43 PM Catedral 9:47 PM Campana - 9:54 PM Sierpes 10:00 PM
10:30 PM 10:25 PM Entrada Juzgado Plaza de los Terceros - Sol Isabel la Católica San Ildefonso - Caballerizas Placentines - Francos Triunfo - Fray Ceferino 10:27 PM Plaza - Avenida 10:30 PM
11:00 PM Plaza de Moravia Entrada Rubén Darío Plaza de Pilatos - San Esteban Villegas - Plaza Salvador Almirantazgo - A. del Postigo 10:53 PM Catedral 11:00 PM
11:30 PM Duque Cornejo Glorieta Covadonga - Borbolla Medinaceli - Imperial - Calería Cuna - Laraña Dos de Mayo - Arfe Cardenal Amigo - Alemanes 11:30 PM
12:00 AM San Julián Brasil - Progreso Juan de la Encina - Guadalupe Encarnación - Alcázares Adriano Francos - Chapineros 12:00 AM
12:30 AM Entrada Porvenir Recaredo Santa Ángela de la Cruz Pastor y Landero Álvarez Quintero - Salvador 12:30 AM
1:00 AM 12:50 AM Entrada Río de la Plata Plaza Carmen Benítez San Juan de la Palma - 1:15 AM Entrada Reyes Católicos Entrada 1:00 AM
1:30 AM Entrada 1:10 AM Entrada Puente de Isabel II 1:30 AM
2:00 AM Altozano 2:00 AM
3:00 AM Entrada 3:00 AM

2024 Passion Saturday Schedule in Seville

The Polygon The Redemption Santa Genoveva Santa Marta San Gonzalo Vera Cruz The Sorrows The Waters The Museum
11.30 11.30 Departure - V. Rosario 12.30 Departure - R. de Torres 11.30
14.00 Avda. Soleá - Sinaí - H. del Pulgar 14.45 Departure - Santiago Covadonga - Isabel la Católica 14.00
15.00 Luis Montoto - S. Esteban - Águilas Juan de Mesa - A. Apodaca Palos - Av. Roma - Puerta Jerez 15.00 Departure - San Gonzalo 15.00
16.00 A.Quintero - Granada - Tetuán Ponce de León - Imagen Almirantazgo - Postigo - Arfe Dolores de León - Avenida Coria 16.00
16.30 16.25 Campana Laraña - Orfila - J. Lasso de la Vega Castelar - Gamazo - J. Guichot San Jacinto 16.30
17.00 16.32 Sierpes - 17.05 Plaza 16.58 Campana Barcelona - Plaza Nueva Altozano 17.00
17.30 17.31 Cathedral 17.10 Sierpes Tetuán - Velázquez Puente Isabel II 17.30
18.00 A. Molina - Placentines - Francos 17.38 Plaza - Avenida 17.45 Campana 18.10 Departure - Plaza S. Andrés - A. de Dios Reyes Católicos - Pta. de Triana Departure 18.16 18.00
18.30 J. de la Pasión - Lineros 18.04 Cathedral 17.54 Sierpes - 18.27 Plaza Duque - 18.44 Campana San Pablo - Magdalena Dos de Mayo 18.30
19.00 P. y Pellón - Encarnación Francos Avenida - 18.51 Cathedral 18.54 Sierpes Rioja - O’ Donnell Arfe 19.00
19.30 Imagen - Almirante Apodaca Chapineros V. de los Reyes - Triunfo 19.27 Plaza - Avenida 19.16 Campana - 19.27 Sierpes 19.35 Departure - J. de la Vera Cruz 19.55 Departure Castelar - Plaza Molviedro 19.30
20.00 Escuelas Pías - Gallo Cuesta del Rosario M. de Mañara - Contratación 19.50 Cathedral 20.00 Plaza - Avenida Virgin of the Good Books - Duque C. Cisneros Doña Guiomar - Zaragoza 20.00
20.30 Verónica - Mateos Alfalfa Puerta Jerez - San Fernando Alemanes - Álvarez Quintero 20.22 Cathedral 20.31 Campana San Vicente - Alfonso XII San Pablo 20.35 Departure 20.30
21.00 Mª Auxiliadora - J.Morales Torres Dormitorio Lonja Universidad - Gta. Cid Argote de Molina - Placentines Plaza del Triunfo 20.43 Sierpes 20.59 Campana Plaza Magdalena - Rioja Plaza del Museo 21.00
21.30 Arroyo - Urquiza Santiago Isabel la Católica Chapineros - Salvador - Cuna Fray Ceferino - Almirantazgo 21.16 Plaza - 21.37 Cathedral 21.06 Sierpes Velázquez - O´Donnell Alfonso XII 21.30
22.00 Venice Entrance Cruz - 21:45 Don Pelayo Orfila - F. de Herrera - Daóiz Arfe Cardenal Carlos Amigo 21.45 Plaza - Avenida 21.29 Campana - 21.36 Sierpes Plaza del Duque 22.00
22.30 Antonio Filpo Rojas - Samaniego Entrance Palio - 23:15 Avda. de la Borbolla 22.20 Entrance Adriano - Pastor y Landero Placentines - Francos 22.05 Cathedral - C. Amigo 22.16 Plaza - Avenida 22.01 Campana - 22.08 Sierpes 22.30
23.00 Avda. Kansas City Felipe II Reyes Católicos Villegas - Salvador - Cuna Placentines - Francos 22.35 Cathedral 22.49 Plaza - Avenida 23.00
23.30 El Greco Bogotá Puente Isabel II Orfila - Lasso de la Vega - Aponte Salvador - Sagasta - Jovellanos Triunfo - Santo Tomás 23.07 Cathedral 23.30
0.00 Avenida de la Soleá Pedro Salinas Altozano Las Cortes - Gavidia - Baños Tetuán - Velázquez - Campana Avenida - Almirantazgo Alemanes - García de Vinuesa 0.00
0.30 Doctor Laffón Soto Coullaut Valera San Jacinto Jesús de la Vera Cruz Alfonso XII - Sta. Vicenta María Arco del Postigo Castelar - Plaza Molviedro 0.30
1.00 Avda. de Pedro Romero Avenida de los Teatinos S. Martín de Porres Entrance 0.45 Virgin of the Good Books Dos de Mayo Doña Guiomar - Zaragoza 1.00
1.30 Virgin of the Rosary Romero de Torres Avenida de Coria Cardenal Cisneros 1.10 Entrance Gravina 1.30
2.00 1.50 Entrance 2.00 Entrance Our Lady of Health 1.50 Entrance Pedro del Toro - Bailén 2.00
2.30 Plaza de San Gonzalo Plaza del Museo 2.30
3.30 2.55 Entrance 3.00 Entrance 3.30

Schedule 2024 Holy Tuesday in Seville

El Cerro San Esteban La Candelaria San Benito Dulce Nombre Los Javieres Los Estudiantes Santa Cruz
11.30 11.40 Salida - Ntra. Sra. Dolores 11.30
13.30 Ramón y Cajal - Enramadilla - Carlos V 13.30
15.00 San Fernando - Pta. Jerez - A.R. Jurado 14.50 Salida - San Esteban - Águilas 15.00
16.00 Almirantazgo - Arenal - P. Nueva Pza San Leandro - Alhóndiga - Dormitorio 15.55 Salida - Pza. Jesús de la Salud - Alfalfa 16.00 Salida - San Benito - Puerta Carmona 16.00
17.00 16.40 Campana - 16.47 Sierpes Orfila - Trajano - Duque Villegas - Plaza del Salvador - Cuna Muro de los Navarros - Santiago 17.00
17.30 17.20 Plaza 17.45 Campana Orfila A. Apodaca - San Pedro - Imagen 17.30
18.00 Avenida - 17.46 Catedral 17.52 Sierpes - 18.25 Plaza J. Lasso de la Vega - Trajano Encarnación - Laraña 18.00
18.30 Alemanes - Francos 18.51 Catedral 18.31 Campana - 18.38 Sierpes Orfila - J. Lasso de la Vega 18.50 Salida - Plaza San Lorenzo 18.30
19.00 Alfalfa - Cabeza del Rey Don Pedro Cardenal Amigo - Alemanes 19.11 Plaza Trajano - Plaza del Duque Cardenal Spínola 19.00 Salida - San Fernando - Avenida 19.00
19.30 Pza. Ramón Ybarra Llosent - San José Argote de Molina - Placentines 19.37 Catedral 19.23 Campana - 19.30 Sierpes Plaza Gavidia - Las Cortes 19.45 Salida - Feria Pza. Ministro Indalecio Prieto - Almirantazgo 19.30
20.00 Puerta de la Carne Francos - Cuesta del Rosario Plaza del Triunfo - Miguel Mañara 20.03 Plaza - Avenida Jesús del Gran Poder - Plaza Duque Correduría Arenal - Gamazo - Barcelona 20.10 Salida - Mateos Gago 20.00
20.30 Puente de San Bernardo Ángel M. Camacho - Plaza Alfalfa Plaza Contratación - San Gregorio 20.29 Catedral - Cardenal Amigo 20.41 Campana Alameda de Hércules Plaza Nueva - Méndez Núñez Rodrigo Caro - Plaza de la Alianza 20.30
21.00 Eduardo Dato Alfalfa Puerta Jerez Argote de Molina - Placentines 20.48 Sierpes Trajano - Plaza del Duque Plaza de la Magdalena Romero Murube - Plaza del Triunfo 21.00
21.30 Gran Plaza Águilas San Fernando Francos 21.21 Plaza - Avenida 21.22 Campana - 21.29 Sierpes O'Donnell Postigo - Arfe - Castelar - Gamazo 21.30
22.00 Alfonso XI Plaza de Pilatos Paseo Catalina de Ribera Cuesta del Rosario 21.47 Catedral - Triunfo 22.02 Plaza 21.46 Campana - 21.53 Sierpes Barcelona - Plaza Nueva 22.00
22.30 Don Gonzalo de Mena San Esteban Jardines de Murillo Jesús de las Tres Caídas Almirantazgo - Arco del Postigo 22.28 Catedral 22.26 Plaza - Avenida Tetuán - Velázquez - O'Donnell 22.30
23.00 Francisco Buendía 23.25 Entrada Cano y Cueto - Santa Mª la Blanca Odreros - Boteros Arfe - Puerta Arenal Argote de Molina - Placentines 22.52 Catedral - Plaza del Triunfo 22.52 Campana - 22.59 Sierpes 23.00
23.30 Ronda del Tamarguillo San José Zamudio - Pza San Leandro Castelar - Gamazo - Joaquín Guichot Francos - Chapineros - A. Quintero Miguel Mañara - Contratación 23.32 Plaza 23.30
0.00 Ronda del Tamarguillo Plaza Jesús de la Salud Santiago - Muro de los Navarros Barcelona - Plaza Nueva Plaza del Salvador - Cuna San Gregorio - Pta. Jerez 23.58 Catedral 0.00
0.30 Tomás Pérez - Álvarez Benavides 0.45 Entrada Puerta de Carmona - Luis Montoto Tetuán Orfila - Pza. Fernando de Herrera San Fernando - María de Padilla Triunfo - Pza. Alianza - Rodrigo Caro 0.30
1.00 Afán de Ribera Luis Montoto Velázquez - O´Donnell - Campana Daoiz - San Andrés - Cervantes Lonja Universitaria Mateos Gago 1.00
1.30 J. Mª. de Pereda San Benito Plaza del Duque Pza. San Martin - Alberto Lista Rectorado 1.40 Entrada 1.30
2.00 Nuestra Señora de los Dolores 2.35 Entrada Trajano Feria 1.45 Entrada 2.00
2.30 2.40 Entrada Conde de Barajas - San Lorenzo 2.15 Entrada 2.30
3.00 3.10 Entrada 3.00

Schedule 2024 Holy Wednesday in Seville

El Carmen Doloroso El Buen Fin La Sed San Bernardo La Lanzada El Baratillo Los Panaderos Las Siete Palabras Cristo de Burgos
13.00 Salida 12.15 12.00
14.00 Eduardo Dato Salida 14.15 14.00
14.30 J. Aranda P.S. Bernardo 14.30
15.00 Salida Salida Luis Montoto D. de los Ríos 15.00
15.30 A. de Hércules Pl.S. Lorenzo Santiago San José 15.30
16.00 Trajano J. Gran Poder A. Apodaca Muñoz y Pavón 16.00
16.30 Campana 16.43 J. Gran Poder Encarnación Alfalfa 16.30
17.00 Plaza 17.23 Campana 17.11 Laraña Pl. Salvador 17.00
17.30 P.S Migule 17.49 Plaza 17.51 Campana 17.46 Cuna Salida Salida 17.50 17.30
18.00 P. Palos 18.08 P.S. Miguel 18.17 Plaza 18.26 J.L. de la Vega Europa Adriano - O. Moeckel 18.00
18.30 Placentines P. Palos 18.36 P.S. Miguel 18.52 Campana 18.32 Trajano Reyes Católicos 18.30
19.00 Álv. Quintero Almirantazgo P.Palos 19.11 Plaza 19.12 J. del G. Poder San Pablo 19.00
19.30 Lineros Arfe Alemanes S. Miguel 19.38 Campana 19.42 Rioja Salida Salida 19.50 19.30
20.00 Encarnación Castelar C. del Rosario P. Palos 19.57 Plaza 20.22 Campana 20.12 Amor de Dios Baños 20.00
20.30 Encarnación Zaragoza Alfalfa Pl. Alianza San Miguel 20.48 Plaza 20.52 Campana 21.21 Puerta Real 20.30
21.00 S.A. de la Cruz Plaza Molviedro P. de Carmona Rodrigo Caro P. Palos 21.07 S. Miguel 21.18 Plaza 22.01 Alfonso XII Salida 21.00
21.30 S.J. Palma Gravina Luis Montoto Fabiola Ar. de Molina P. Palos 21.37 S. Miguel 22.27 Camapan 22.01 Laraña 21.30
22.00 Feria Pedro del Toro Luis Montoto San José Álv. Quintero Santo Tomás P. Palos 22.46 Plaza 22.41 Orfila 22.00
22.30 Feria Plaza del Museo Luis Montoto Puerta de la Carne Pl. Salvador Adolfo Rodríguez Jurado Alemanes San Miguel 23.07 Campana 22.31 22.30
23.00 Guadiana San Vicente Maese Farfán Puente de San Bernardo Cuna Tomás de Ibarra Álv. Quintero P. Palos 23.26 Plaza 23.11 23.00
23.30 Entrada San Vicente J.L. de Casso San Bernardo Orfila Almirantazgo Argote de Molina Pza. Triunfo S. Miguel 23.37 23.30
0.00 00.05 Entrada Rico Cejudo Santo Rey Plaza de San Andrés Dos de Mayo Placentines F. Cefer. Glez. P. Palos 23.56 0.00
0.30 Goya Entrada Entrada Adriano Chapineros Av. Constitución Francos 0.30
1.00 Cristo de la Sed Entrada 01.20 Plaza del Salvador Plaza Nueva Alfalfa 1.00
1.30 Entrada 1.45 Cuna Velázquez Sales y Ferré 1.30
2.00 Entrada 2.10 Alfonso XII Entrada 2.45 2.00
2.30 V.Bue. Libros 2.30
3.00 Entrada 3.15 3.00

Timetable 2024 Maundy Thursday in Seville

Los Negritos Las Cigarreras La Exaltación El Valle Montesión La Quinta Angustia Pasión
14.00 Salida 14.15 15.00
14.30 Virgen de la Victoria 15.00
15.00 15.00 Salida Asunción 15.00
15.30 San Esteban Puente de San Telmo 15.30
16.00 Águilas Dos de Mayo Salida 15.45 16.00
16.30 Plaza Pescadería Castelar Alcázares 16.30
17.00 Jovellanos-Tetuán Barcelona Laraña 17.00
17.30 Campana 17.40 Tetuán Orfila 17.30
18.00 Plaza 18.20 Campana 18.20 Jesús del Gran Poder Salida 18.00
18.30 S. Miguel 18.46 Sierpes Campana 18.51 Salida 18.50 Correduría 18.30
19.00 Palos 19.05 Plaza Sierpes 18.58 Campana 19.26 Trajano 19.00
19.30 Argote de Molina San Miguel 19.26 Plaza 19.31 Sierpes 19.33 J. G. Poder 19.30
20.00 Plaza del Pan Palos 19.45 San Miguel 19.57 Plaza 20.06 Campana 20.07 Salida 20.10 Salida 20.15 20.00
20.30 Águilas Puerta de Jeréz Palos 20.16 San Miguel 20.32 Plaza 20.47 Campana 20.52 Cuna 20.30
21.00 San Esteban Paseo de las Delicias Francos Palos 20.51 San Miguel 21.13 Sierpes 20.59 J. L. de la Vega 21.00
21.30 Puerta de Carmona Plaza de Cuba Cuesta del Rosario Pl. Triunfo Palos 21.32 Plaza 21.32 Campana 21.26 21.30
22.00 Muro de los Navarros Asunción Jesús de las Tres Caídas Arfe Francos San Miguel 21.58 Plaza 22.06 22.00
22.30 Guadalupe Asunción Pza. Cristo de Burgos Gamazo Lineros Palos 22.17 San Miguel 22.32 22.30
23.00 Entrada 23.20 Entrada 23.20 Almirante Apodaca Tetuán Encarnación Dos de Mayo Palos 22.51 23.00
23.30 Santa Catalina Cuna S. J. de la Palma Castelar Francos 23.30
0.00 Entrada 00.15 Laraña Madre María Purísima de la Cruz Pza. Molviedro Villegas 0.00
0.30 Entrada 0.30 Feria Entrada 0.40 Plaza del Salvador 0.00
1.00 Feria Entrada 1.15 0.00
1.30 Entrada 0.00

Schedule 2024 Madrugá in Seville

El Silencio El Gran Poder La Macarena El Calvario Esperanza de Triana Los Gitanos
0.00 0.00 Salida - Bécquer 0.00
1.00 Salida - El Silencio 1.00 Salida - Plaza de San Lorenzo Resolana - Feria 1.00
1.30 1.15 Campana - 1.22 Sierpes Conde de Barajas - Jesús del Gran Poder Correduría - Amor de Dios 1.40 Salida - Pureza 1.30
2.00 1.55 Plaza 1.55 Campana Alameda de Hércules Pureza 2.00
2.30 2.21 Catedral 2.02 Sierpes - 2.35 Plaza Trajano Puente Isabel II 2.30 Salida - Verónica 2.30
3.00 Argote de Molina - Placentines-Francos Avenida - 3.01 Catedral Plaza del Duque -3.05 Campana Reyes Católicos Butrón - Puerta Osario - Matahacas 3.00
3.30 Villegas Plaza del Triunfo - Fray Ceferino 3.12 Sierpes Zaragoza San Román - Peñuelas 3.30
4.00 P. Salvador Almirantazgo - Postigo - Arfe 3.45 Plaza - Avenida Salida Plaza Nueva Doña María Coronel - Dueñas 4.00
4.30 Cuna Castelar - Molviedro - Doña Guiomar 4.11 Catedral - Virgen de los Reyes - Cardenal Amigo Campana 4.45 Tetuán Santa Ángela de la Cruz - Alcázares 4.30
5.00 San Andrés Zaragoza Argote de Molina - Placentines - Francos Plaza 5.25 Campana 5.15 Encarnación - Laraña 5.00
5.30 J. del Gran Poder Gravina - Pedro del Toro - Bailén Chapineros - Álvarez Quintero Plaza San Miguel 5.51 Plaza 5.55 Orfila 5.30
6.00 Entrada 6.05 Plaza del Museo - San Vicente - C. Cisneros C. Rosario - J. Tres Caídas Palos 6.10 P. San Miguel 6.21 Javier Lasso de la Vega - Trajano 6.00
6.30 J. de la Vera Cruz - Baños Alfalfa - Odreros - Boteros Fray Cef. González Palos 6.40 Plaza del Duque - 6.35 Campana 6.30
7.00 Cardenal Spínola Sales y Ferré - Cristo de Burgos Castelar Almirantazgo 6.42 Sierpes 7.00
7.30 Plaza de San Lorenzo Imagen - Sta. Ángela Entrada Cruz Adriano - O. Moeckel 7.15 Plaza - Avenida 7.30
8.00 7.45 Entrada San Juan de la Palma Entrada Palio Pastor y Landero 7.45 Catedral - V. Reyes - Cardenal Amigo 8.00
8.30 Madre Mª Purísima Puente Triana Argote de Molina 8.30
9.00 Feria San Jacinto Francos - Cuesta del Rosario 9.00
9.30 Feria Puente Isabel II - Altozano J. Tres Caídas 9.30
10.00 Relator - Parras San Jacinto Odreros - Sales y Ferré - Cristo de Burgos 10.00
11.00 Escoberos - Fray Luis Sotelo - Resolana Pagés del Corro Almirante Apodaca - Juan de Mesa 11.00
12.00 Arco de la Macarena - Bécquer Santísimo Cristo de las Tres Caídas Plaza Ponce de León - Gallos - Butrón 12.00
13.00 13.00 Entrada Párroco Don Eugenio Verónica 13.00
13.30 Pureza 13.30 Entrada 13.30
14.00 Entrada 14.00

Schedule 2024 Good Friday in Seville

La Carretería La Soledad de San Buenaventura El Cachorro La O San Isidoro Montserrat La Mortaja
16.00 16.25 Salida - Real de la Carretería 15.45 Salida - Castilla 16.00
17.00 Antonia Díaz - Castelar - Gamazo Callao - San Jorge 17.00
17.30 Barcelona - Plaza Nueva Altozano 17.30
18.00 Tetuán - Velázquez 17.55 Salida - Carlos Cañal Puente de Isabel II - Reyes Católicos 18.00 Salida - Castilla 18.00
18.30 18.20 Campana - 18.27 Sierpes Méndez Núñez - Plaza Nueva - Tetuán Puerta de Triana - San Pablo San Jorge - Altozano 18.30
19.00 19.00 Plaza 18.50 Campana - 18.57 Sierpes Plaza de la Magdalena - O’ Donnell Puente Isabel II - Reyes Católicos 19.00
19.30 19.26 Catedral 19.30 Plaza 19.12 Campana - 19.19 Sierpes Puerta de Triana - San Pablo 19.45 Salida - Luchana 19.30
20.00 Plaza del Triunfo - Santo Tomás 19.56 Catedral 19.52 Plaza - Avenida Plaza Magdalena - Rioja - Velázquez Cuesta del Rosario - Villegas 20.05 Salida - Bustos Tavera 20.00
20.30 Adolfo Rodríguez Jurado - Santander Plaza del Triunfo - Fray Ceferino 20.18 Catedral O’ Donnell - 20.32 Campana Plaza del Salvador - Cuna - Orfila 20.30 Salida - Cristo del Calvario Dª. Mª Coronel - Dueñas - S. J. de la Palma 20.30
21.00 Temprado Almirantazgo - Postigo - Arfe Plaza del Triunfo - Fray Ceferino 20.39 Sierpes Lasso de la Vega - Amor de Dios - Tarifa Plaza de la Magdalena - Rioja Feria - Castellar - Alberto Lista 21.00
21.30 Dos de Mayo - Rodo Castelar - Molviedro Almirantazgo - Arco del Postigo 21.12 Plaza - Avenida 21.11 Campana - 21.18 Sierpes Velázquez - O´Donnell San Martín - Cervantes - Pza. San Andrés 21.30
22.00 Real de la Carretería Doña Guiomar - Zaragoza Arfe 21.38 Catedral - Plaza del Triunfo 21.51 Plaza - Avenida 21.42 Campana - 21.49 Sierpes Amor de Dios - San Miguel - Trajano 22.00
22.30 22.15 Entrada Carlos Cañal Adriano Santo Tomás - Adolfo R. Jurado 22.17 Catedral - Cardenal Carlos Amigo 22.22 Plaza - Avenida 22.16 Campana - 22.23 Sierpes 22.30
23.00 22.45 Entrada Pastor y Landero Santander - Temprado Placentines - Francos 22.48 Catedral 22.56 Plaza 23.00
23.30 Reyes Católicos Dos de Mayo - Rodo - Real Carretería Cuesta del Rosario Cardenal Carlos Amigo - Alemanes 23.22 Catedral 23.30
0.00 Puente de Isabel II - Altozano Toneleros - Adriano Luchana G ª de Vinuesa - Pta. del Arenal - Castelar A. de Molina - Placentines - Francos 0.00
0.30 San Jorge Pastor y Landero 0.15 Entrada Plaza de Molviedro - Doña Guiomar Cuesta del Rosario - J. Tres Caídas 0.30
1.00 Callao Reyes Católicos - Puente Isabel II Zaragoza - San Pablo Odreros - Boteros - Sales y Ferré 1.00
1.30 Castilla Altozano - San Jorge - Callao Cristo del Calvario Doña María Coronel - Bustos Tavera 1.30
2.00 Castilla Castilla 2.00 Entrada 2.00 Entrada 2.00
3.00 2.35 Entrada 2.45 Entrada 3.00

Schedule 2024 Holy Saturday in Seville

El Sol Los Servitas La Trinidad El Santo Entierro Soledad de San Lorenzo
12.00 Salida 13.00
13.00 Avda. Buhaira 13.00
14.00 Pta. de la Carne 14.40 Salida 14.00
15.00 Candilejo 15.20 Salida María Auxiliadora 15.00
16.00 Tetuán Imagen Puerta Osario 16.00
16.30 Campana 16.30 Campana 16.51 Alm. Apodaca 16.30
17.00 Plaza 17.10 Plaza 17.31 Orfila 17.00
17.30 S. Miguel 17.36 S. Miguel 17.57 Campana 17.25 17.30
18.00 Palos 17.55 Palos 18.16 Plaza 18.05 Salida - Campana 18.17 18.00
18.30 San Gregorio Alemanes S. Miguel 18.31 Plaza 18.57 18.30
19.00 Gl. D. J. Austria Francos Palos 18.50 S. Miguel 19.23 19.00
19.30 Avda. Carlos V Boteros Francos Catedral Salida 19.30
20.00 Avda. Carlos V S. A. de la Cruz J. Tres Caídas Catedral San Miguel 20.00
20.30 Diego Riaño Dueñas Sales y Ferré Catedral Campana 20.32 20.30
21.00 Avión Cuatro Vientos Pl. Santa Isabel Alm. Apodaca Catedral Plaza 21.12 21.00
21.30 Virgen del Sol Entrada Cruz 21.15 Juan de Mesa Palos 21.34 S. Miguel 21.38 21.30
22.00 Entrada 22.15 Entrada Palio 22.10 Plaza Ponce de León Pl. S. Francisco Palos 21.57 22.00
22.30 Valle Plaza Nueva Chapineros 22.30
23.00 Cristo de las Cinco Llagas Tetuán Cuna 23.00
23.30 Sol O´Donnell J. L. de la Vega 23.30
0.00 María Auxiliadora Entrada 23.45 Card. Spínola 0.00
0.30 Entrada 00.32 Plaza de San Lorenzo 0.30
1.00 0.55 Entrada 1.00

Schedule 2024 Easter Sunday in Seville

La Resurrección
8.30 8.30 Salida - Santa Marina 8.30
9.00 San Luis - Arrayán - Pza. Cronista 9.00
9.30 San Blas - Infantes - Almirante Espinosa 9.30
10.00 Plaza de Montesión - Feria - Conde de Torrejón 10.00
10.30 Amor de Dios - Delgado - Trajano 10.30
11.00 11.00 Campana 11.00
11.30 11.07 Sierpes 11.30
12.00 11.40 Plaza - Avenida 12.00
12.30 12.06 Catedral - V. Reyes - Cardenal Amigo 12.30
13.00 Argote de Molina - Placentines 13.00
13.30 Francos - Cuesta del Rosario 13.30
14.00 Tres Caídas - Plaza de la Alfalfa - Odreros 14.00
14.30 Sales y Ferré - Plaza Cristo de Burgos 14.30
15.00 Doña María Coronel 15.00
15.30 Bustos Tavera - Plaza de San Marcos 15.30
16.00 San Luis 16.00
16.30 Entrada 16.30

Vocabulary you need to know about Holy Week

  • Acolyte: A liturgical server in the church or during the procession, usually covered with a dalmatic and leading each "paso" with candelabras and censers.
  • Advocation: Canonical title given to an image based on its representation in the Gospels or within the Catholic Church.
  • To heaven with her: Phrase used by the people in charge (capataces) and the bearers (costaleros) when lifting the "paso" (levantá) to continue the march.
  • Walk: Harmonious movement of a "paso".
  • Archconfraternity: A very old brotherhood with privileges over other brotherhoods.
  • Arriá: Act of lowering the paso at the end of each "chicotá".
  • Bambalina: Silk, velvet, mesh fabric, embroidered in gold, hanging from the "palio" or "paso", covering it from front to back.
  • Band: Musical group that accompanies the brotherhoods behind the pasos or in front of the guiding cross, opening the processional entourage. There are silent brotherhoods that do not carry musical accompaniment.
  • Boat: Term used to define the Christ "pasos" that are of great size. For example, La Exaltación, El Silencio de la Amargura, La Sentencia (Macarena), Las Tres Caídas de Triana...
  • Besamanos: Worship ceremony, usually for the Virgin, in which the image is exposed for the adoration of the faithful who kiss its hands. However, there are also some images of Christ exposed for this ceremony.
  • Besapies: This is the same ceremony as the previous one, but dedicated to the Lord, and it is the feet that the faithful kiss.
  • Bugles: Symbols that represent the ancient Roman trumpets. They are made of silver metal and embossed.
  • Bulla: This is the name given to large groups of people that form in the streets to watch the procession pass by.
  • Basket: It is the upper part of the Christ paso, above the stretcher.
  • Chambermaid: Woman who helps dress the images. Along with the "Vestidor," they are both in charge of the attire of the images. She should not be confused with the "Vestidor."
  • Candelaria: Set of candlesticks of different sizes arranged progressively at the front of the “palio” paso, leaving a central space to view the Virgin.
  • Crabbers: People who walk backward in front of the "pasos".
  • Foreman: The person in charge of guiding the bearers for a correct movement of the paso. There are people who assist him (auxiliaries).
  • Capirote: Cardboard cone that the "Nazarenos" wear on their heads, covered with a fabric called "antifaz" that falls in front of their faces, concealing them.
  • Official Route: Marked path for all the brotherhoods. In Seville, this route includes Plaza Campana, Sierpes Street, San Francisco Square, and Cathedral. They must strictly adhere to the fixed schedules.
  • Cartela: Painted or sculpted medallion placed in the "Canastillas" of the Christ or Mystery "pasos", with a religious representation.
  • Chicotá: It is the distance covered and the time that has elapsed from when the paso was lifted until it was lowered again.
  • Cíngulo: Silk cord, and sometimes of silk and gold, that is worn around the waist by "Nazarenos" when they do not wear esparto or hemp. It is also called the cord that ties the neck and the waist to the layers of the Lord's image.
  • Codal: Small candle that is inserted inside glass lamps or windshields that are carried by the chandeliers.
  • Cirial: Tall staff, generally engraved or in relief in silver and crowned by a candlestick, carried by the “acólitos” who go in front of the pasos. Their number varies between four and six, except for “Sagrada Mortaja”, which has eighteen.
  • Brotherhood: Often this name is given to brotherhoods, but it specifically refers to the penance of each brotherhood during Holy Week.
  • Costalero: Each of the men who carry the float on their shoulders, using a sash and a costal (a cloth that covers the nape and prevents chafing with the worker).
  • Cruz de guía: Cross that opens the processional parade, usually accompanied by two or four nazarenos with lanterns.
  • Diputado de cruz: Person in charge of ensuring that the brotherhood strictly complies with the established schedules.
  • Diputado Mayor: Individual with the greatest responsibility in everything related to the processional route of each brotherhood.
  • Dalmática: Garment that covers the torso and shoulders, open in the arms, made of damask fabric with decorative borders, worn by the acolytes.
  • Dolorosa: Image of the Virgin who cries for the death of her son.
  • Entrada: Conclusion of the penitential station. Return of a brotherhood to its church after the procession.
  • Estandarte: Flag of the brotherhood that carries its embroidered shield and hangs from a rod with the shape of a cross.
  • Estación de Penitencia: Route carried out by each brotherhood during Holy Week.
  • Faldón: Fabric that covers the lower part of the float and surrounds it, generally made of velvet or damask, which extends from the breathing space to the ground to hide the costaleros from the outside.
  • Gloria: Medallion located in the center interior of the palio ceiling, usually embroidered or painted with religious motifs.
  • Guardabrisas: Glass lanterns placed at the end of the candelabras where the candles are located, protecting them from the wind.
  • Hermandad: Religious organization that participates in Holy Week. Although it is often used interchangeably with "cofradía", it specifically refers to the penitential participation of its members.
  • Hermano Mayor: Member of the brotherhood elected to preside over it. In the case of the Hermandad de los Negritos, he is known as Maestro.
  • Levantá: Moment when the costaleros raise the float to start its advance.
  • Mayordomo: Person in charge of the economic management of each brotherhood.
  • Misterio: Sculptural set that represents a scene of the Passion, death and resurrection of Jesus.
  • Libro de Reglas: Text that contains the rules and statutes of a brotherhood, upon which new members make their oath.
  • Llamador: Also known as a hammer, it is a decorative metal piece that is used to indicate the beginning and end of the movement of the float by the foreman.
  • Madrugada: Most emblematic night of Holy Week, which goes from Holy Thursday to Good Friday.
  • Manigueta: Each of the four protruding corners of a float, reminiscent of the traditional litters for transporting images.
  • Marcha: Musical composition that accompanies the processions and marks the rhythm of the steps of the bearers.
  • Muñidor: Brotherhood assistant who wears black clothing with white lace cuffs and collar.
  • Nazareno: Member of the brotherhood who wears a tunic and capirote, accompanying the float in his penance.
  • Orfebrería: Art of working with precious metals used in the floats.
  • Palio: Canopy held by varals under which the image of the Virgin is processed, from which the bambalinas hang.
  • Papeleta de sitio: Document that grants the right to participate in the processional parade of a brotherhood, indicating the place that the bearer must occupy.
  • Parihuela: Base structure of the float where the workers are located and on which the rest of the float (basket, skirts, palio...) is mounted.
  • Paso: Platform on which the images are placed for the procession.
  • Penitente: Nazarene who performs penance without wearing the capirote, sometimes carrying a cross on his shoulders and positioned at strategic points of the float.
  • Prioste: Person in charge of caring for the heritage of a brotherhood, including the maintenance and cleaning of the images and the preparation of the float for the procession.
  • Programa: Agenda that details the schedules and routes of the processions for each day of Holy Week.
  • Quinario: Liturgical celebration that extends over five days.
  • Recorrido: Route that each brotherhood follows during its procession.
  • Representación: Presence of members of other brotherhoods that accompany the parade during the penitential station.
  • Respiradero: Decorated part of the float that allows air circulation for the bearers and is located between the base and the skirt of the float.
  • Saeta: Religious song, typically flamenco, directed at the images during the processions.
  • Sayón: Figure that represents a Roman or Jewish soldier involved in the martyrdom of Christ, accompanying him on the float.
  • Senatus: Insignia of Roman origin carried by nazarenes next to the float, with the initials SPQR that represent the Senate and Roman people.
  • Sinelabe: Insignia that symbolizes the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, often represented with a cross from which hangs a cloth embroidered in the shape of a triangle.
  • Techo del palio: Bordered upper part that forms the ceiling of the palio under which the image of the Virgin is processed.
  • Trabajadera: Transverse bar located in the lower part of the float that facilitates its transport by the costaleros.
  • Tramo: Section of nazarenos arranged in rows between two insignias during the procession.
  • Triduo: Liturgical celebration that lasts three days.
  • Túnica: Garment used by Jesus during his passion and by the nazarenos during the processions.
  • Vara: Staff carried by nazarenos who march in front of the float or next to the insignias of the brotherhood.
  • Varal: Each of the bars that hold up the palio ceiling.

Tips for Visitors:

Holy Week in Seville, a celebration of deep-rooted tradition, extends over eight days marked by religious processions that begin on Palm Sunday and end on Easter Sunday. During this week, more than 60 brotherhoods begin their march from their respective parishes, churches or chapels towards the Cathedral, to then return to their starting point. These processions vary in duration: the shortest can last around four hours, while the furthest could reach up to 14 hours to complete their penitential journey. The organization and parade of the brotherhoods are governed by antiquity, altering their order only on Good Friday, where this criterion is reversed. It is advisable to plan each day of attendance to the festivities carefully, especially due to the large crowds that can hinder mobility through the narrow streets of Seville. It is suggested to have a map of Seville to identify the main points of interest and ensure an optimal experience, considering that all brotherhoods share a common route towards the Cathedral.

Dress Code Tips:

Seville's central location offers a privileged view of the different brotherhoods that parade daily. However, we encourage visitors to also explore the different neighborhoods of the city to discover unique corners and immerse themselves in the local devotion towards Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. During Holy Week, it is common for Sevillians to wear their best attire, especially during Palm Sunday and the solemn days of Thursday and Good Friday. For these days, it is recommended that men wear suits and ties, while women usually adorn themselves with their best dresses and the traditional black mantilla. However, to fully enjoy the "Madrugá" it is advised to opt for comfortable and warm clothing, taking into account the cool temperatures of the spring dawn.

Experience Unique Holy Week in Seville 2024

The processions of Holy Week in Seville are spectacular. The religious images are carried in steps adorned with flowers and candles, accompanied by music bands and penitents. The devotion of the Sevillians is impressive, and it can be felt in every corner of the city. If you want to live a unique and unforgettable experience, you cannot miss Holy Week in Seville.

In addition, Holy Week is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the local gastronomy, especially tapas. Despite the high attendance in bars and restaurants, patience is usually rewarded with a place to enjoy Sevillian cuisine. It is recommended to book in advance to guarantee a space to recharge or, failing that, enjoy the unique atmosphere of the bars, where the attention is usually welcoming and efficient.

Who made the poster for Easter Week in Seville 2024?

On 25 September 2023, the General Council of Brotherhoods and Guilds of the City of Seville appointed Salustiano García Cruz, better known as Salustiano, as the artist in charge of designing the poster for Holy Week in Seville 2024. In the press release, the Council praised his work, previous experience and artistic career, highlighting his talent and creativity. This recognition is an important milestone in Salustiano's career and a great opportunity to showcase his art to a wider public..