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12 must-see things to see during your stay in Seville!

que-voir-a-seville-les-indispensables que-voir-a-seville-les-indispensables

Visit Seville: what are the 12 best things to see and do in Seville? See the places of interest in the city. All our tips in one list because there are so many things to see in Seville!

You will fall under the beauty of Seville :)

Between its historical monuments, its charming neighborhoods, its cultural monuments... there are so many things to see or visit in the Center of Seville and its Old Town. For this reason we have prepared this special article for you: List of the 12 essential visits to Seville. What to see in Seville? What to visit in Seville in 1 day or during a weekend? How to make a very good visit in 2 days or 3 days? If you come to Seville soon, you want to know what to do and see in Seville and optimize your time before leaving? Perfect, we will propose you your Sevillian Special Traveler's Menu and the best places you should see, do and discover during a visit and book activities in Seville . Seville is the kind of city that fills the heart with joy to the travelers on their first trip and who cry every time they leave it again. Going to Seville is also visiting the sunniest place in Europe, see the Royal Alcazar and its wallsfall in love with the narrow streets of the Santa Cruz neighborhood, feel the past, the medieval history of a city full of anecdotes and see the patios de las casas: the typical courtyards of Sevillian houses filled with flowers or orange trees. And let's not forget that during this visit, flamenco art and tapas will captivate you like never before. It is important to discover the capital of Andalusia on the banks of the famous Guadalquivir River, this beautiful city in southern Spain with a rich Moorish tradition that spoils vacationers with its gastronomy, rhythm and beautiful lifestyle. To help you get to know and visit Seville better, prepare your visit, manage your timing and know what to do, we recommend these 12 must-sees in the Pearl of Andalusia, the one they call: THE BEAUTIFUL SEVILLE.
12 must-see things to see during your stay in Seville
what to see and what to do in seville-seville-guadalquivir
la catedral de sevilla : La Unesco la declaró en 1987, junto al Real Alcázar y el Archivo de Indias, como un Patrimonio de la Humanidad plaza-de-santa-cruz-sevilla With general admission to the palace. Entrance to the first floor of the Royal Palaces ALCAZARES and Gardens of the Royal Alcazar.

1. What to see in Seville - Plaza de España

Breathtaking, grandiose, the Plaza de España is one of the most admirable, if not the most remarkable, square in Seville. Intense architectural complex built around the Maria Luisa Park for the Ibero-American Exposition that took place in 1929 ( Click here to see our 1929 tower ). Its fantastic earthenware benches symbolize each of the Spanish provinces and the square has become over time and the films that have been filmed there, a cult place for all followers of famous sagas such as Game Of Thrones Mission Imposible, Star Wars II, Lawrence of Arabia and many others.

2. What to see in Seville - Parque María Luisa

This beautiful park is located next to the Plaza de España. A favorite place for travelers and Sevillians alike, it is the main meeting place for a peaceful stroll among the floral fauna and fountains. It is a place of refuge for the hot summer and a real ecological lung. During your walk, stroll to the Fountain of the Frogs and the small duck island before arriving at the Plaza América (also called Plaza de las Palomas for all the pigeons that are there). The Art Gallery of Disciplines and Customs and the Archaeological Museum of Seville are located here, as well as the Royal Pavilion. ➡ Visit Maria Luisa Park with your family
What to see in Seville - Parque María Luisa

3. What to see in Seville - The Santa Cruz neighborhood of Seville

Why not dive into the heart of the city's history? An essential part of your stay, the historic district of Santa Cruz has some amazing legends. And for good reason, once in its alleys, you always want to know much more. So stroll through this captivating place where the Andalusian patios, the houses with the colors of life and the small gardens live to the rhythm of the murmurs of the fountains, will transport you to another time. Let yourself be surprised by the wonderful aroma of the orange flowers of orange trees that populate the Patio de Banderas, enter the labyrinths of its streets and perhaps you will hear the complaints of the hundred-year-old Jews who perished there. ➡ More details about a guided tour to the Santa Cruz Neighborhood.
What to see in Seville - The Santa Cruz District of Seville

4. What to see in Seville - Seville Cathedral and La Giralda

If you're wondering what to do in Seville when it comes to historical monuments, think immediately of the Cathedral and the Giralda! These two symbols are no longer presented simply because they almost alone characterize the energy of Seville's history. The Cathedral was built on a plot of land that remained available after the demolition of the old aljama mosque of Sevilla. Efficient and imposing, it reigns over the city as the largest church in the world just ahead of St. Peter's in Rome and St. Paul's in London. In addition to its superb architecture, the monument also has an incredible ethnic tradition: there is an assortment of paintings, goldsmiths and the famous tomb of Christopher Columbus. The Giralda, alternately, comes to magnify the place a little more. Former minaret of the mosque, it is now used as a bell tower of the cathedral. Nearly 100 meters high, it dominates the city and offers a spectacular view of the Andalusian roofs of Seville. ➡ Quietly see the Cathedral and the Royal Alcázar of Seville over two days

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5. What to see in Seville - Real Alcázar de Sevilla

Its reputation as one of the most beautiful monuments in the world to visit is enough. Another symbol of Seville, a few steps away from the Archive of IndiesWe also recommend you to discover it. Listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1987, the Real Alcázar is one of the obligatory sites in Andalusia that a traveler must see. With its Mudejar-style patios (a mixture of Christian and Muslim art), its Arab-influenced gardens that wonderfully combine vegetation and water, and its sumptuous backyards, this set of palaces is apure wonder. The dazzling light of the place gently teases the eyes that we feel lulled by the warmth of the sun. You can visit all these gardens without getting tired of it until you reach the huge gardens: nearly 14,000m² of orange trees, palm trees, fountains, small canals and alleys dotted with small earthenware where it is good to stroll. An amazing space that will seduce you, the Royal Alcázar claims a real break in time and will be an unforgettable memory. ➡ Alcázar de Sevilla entrance tickets and Official Guide Tour+File Cutter
What to see in Seville - Seville Cathedral and La Giralda

6. What to see in Seville - Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza y la Torre de Oro

Whatever your feelings about bullfighting, the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza is worth a visit, just to enjoy the baroque facade of the bullring. Called the "Cathedral of the Toreador", it belongs to the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla, an enterprise that dates back to 1248. A true local institution, La Maestranza is home to a beautiful ochre sand environment, nestled in this 12,000 chair industry that has carried on traditions for years. Under the stands, a small art gallery retracing the history of bullfighting will explain the highlights of its history, the great names that have come to triumph in the arena. The Torre del Oro is located on the left bank of the Guadalquivir, not far from the bullring of the Maestranza. It is an Almohad tower that, in the past, closed the passage to the Arenal by a section of wall, which connected it to the Torre de la Plata, and thus formed part of the walls of Seville that fortified the Alcazar. It was used as a chapel and later as a prison, currently houses the Naval Museum of Seville. It is sometimes falsely reported that there are legends that it was in fact a gold and silver reserve. But it was called Torre del Oro (Tower of Gold) in the Almohad period because of the shine produced by the lime and straw mortar and its reflection in the river.

7. What to see in Seville - The Barrio de Triana, La Judería de Sevilla

Cradle of flamenco, Triana invites you to a definitive bohemian life. Authentic, warm, artistic, its name attracts travelers from all over the world who, seduced by its atmosphere, adopt it as one of their favorite destinations in the city. Walking with your guide through the alleys and learning about its history is a highly recommended tour. See the beautiful colorful facades and the sweetness of the air or the smell of the Guadalquivir. The Triana district is a perfect place for what is known as slow travel, in other words the art of to take one's time when traveling, instead of running from visit to visit as we are sometimes used to. In addition, you will be able to hear from a window a voice starting a song from Triana that says: " Que bonita esta Triana, que bonita esta Triana". ➡ Guided tour of the Ibero-American Exposition.

8. What to see in Seville - Casa de Pilatos de Sevilla

To go to Seville is to savor its lordly riches. Just after the Alcazar, we like very much as a tour agency La Casa de Pilatos is a palace belonging to the Casa de Medinaceli. It is one of the most emblematic residences of the Andalusian civil architecture of the sixteenth century and presents a mixture of Italian Renaissance and Spanish Mudejar styles, the result of different interventions that took place from the last third of the fifteenth century to the seventeenth century. An aristocratic visit, this superb residence dazzles with its beauty and finesse. A true jewel of design and convention, the Casa de Pilatos with its Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance motifs, its perfect earthenware, its art galleries, the coronary heart, its patios, its murals and its attractive decorations immerse you directly in a true work of art that you will not stop photographing.

9. What to see in Seville - Metropol Parasol (Las Setas de Sevilla)

Extraordinary monument and one of the most important architectural achievements of recent years in Seville, Metropol Parasol is a wooden construction of 28 meters high to rehabilitate the Plaza de la Encarnacion. The Metropol Parasol consists of six large glued laminated wood parasols resting at one height on six backlit cylindrical pillars and two concrete columns under which are the elevators giving access to the viewpoint. The upper parts of each parasol are intertwined to form a single roof. Fascinating, most people call the Metropol "Las Setas de la Encarnacion or Las Setas de Sevilla" (setas=Mushrooms), a nickname that is due to its ensemble and that reminds the shape of mushrooms. The Metropol Parasol is one of the best views possible with the Giralda of Seville on the city and is worth a visit. Take advantage of your walk to visit the neighborhood market and the archaeological art gallery that it houses or have a coffee in one of the cafeterias downstairs.
What to see in Seville - Casa de Pilatos de Sevilla

10. What to see in Seville - Tapas of Seville

Enjoying a drink on a terrace while listening to a guitarist's show or attending one of the flamenco demonstrations that many artists offer in the streets, is a very normal thing in Seville. Especially if this drink is accompanied by the famous tapas of Seville. Remarkable gastronomy, Sevillian cuisine, is a real pleasure for the palate and is not very expensive! To discover all the Andalusian culinary tradition, you can try croquetas, patatas bravas, lomo or Iberian ham, garlic prawns, Mediterranean salads. There is a lot of flavor to discover! And if you feel like it we can take you to know the real local gastronomy and far from the commercial tapas that unfortunately some establishments propose to the tourists.

11. What to see in Seville - Triana Market

We have already talked about Triana but not about its market. We must not forget that it is not only a space where all kinds of premises are housed, but also a place full of history. On the first floor of the market are the remains of of the Castle of San JorgeIn the market we can see some relics of history like a large painting of the castle, but we also have the opportunity to go to the market with fresh fish and vegetables, taste a local beer, taste local tapas and of the day. Like for example, the Bar La Muralla . A very recommended place that with its ortiguillas y el pescaíto frito will also delight you and is clearly one of the best places in the Mercado de Triana; and this at a reasonable price.
eating in seville

12. What to see in Seville - The Aquarium of Seville (let's also think about the children :) )

Young and old alike will enjoy a different and relaxing visit to The Aquarium of Seville . The Aquarium of Seville houses one of the most varied aquatic fauna in Europe and allows you to dive into the marine world. Located on the Quay of Las Delicias in Seville, it has 35 different aquariums capable of containing more than 400 different species in tanks with a capacity of more than two million liters of water. Part of his tour is based on the First World Tour that Magallanes undertaken in Seville. And it should be noted that the Aquarium of Seville also houses many specimens of sharks, and it is possible to sleep a night in the facilities in the company of sharks. A dream visit for your children!
What to see in Seville - The Aquarium of Seville

Bon à savoir : la visite à l'Aquarium de Séville est gratuite pour les enfants de moins de 4 ans.

What to see in Seville - Our visits to Seville in 1/2/3 days

What to see in Seville in two days. The beautiful Seville offers you 3 recommended itineraries of 1 day, 2 days (or weekend) or 3 days to see the most important places in the city of Seville.

To see Seville at leisure and enjoy the city, we recommend you spend at least a weekend.

The Andalusian capital is for many one of the main visits to make in Spain, as it stands out for its people, its art and its cuisine.

In Seville, you will be able to see the most important historical center of Spain and places as spectacular as the Giralda, the Alcázar or the Cathedral. ????

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