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Excursion to Tangier 2 days and 1 night from Seville 2022

Discover the beauty of Morocco in just two days from Seville.

2 days Trip to Tangier
Available all year.
2 Days
Available in : En, Fr, Es.
 504 opinions.

Excursion to Tangier 2 days and 1 night from Seville 2022

Discover the beauty of Morocco in just two days from Seville.

2 days Trip to Tangier
Available all year.
2 Days
Available in : En, Fr, Es.
 504 opinions.

Discover Morocco in 2 days and 1 night. Private transportation from Seville with return to Seville the following day. Ferry Tickets Tarifa ⛴ Tangier ⛴ Tarifa. Authentic Moroccan lunch. A local guide who will assist you during the tour and support you in everything you need during your stay. 🛏 Lodging in a 4* hotel with dinner and breakfast ☕ which are included.

Morocco Tour 2 Days Seville Tanger Seville

Excursion to Tangier from Seville with hotel night included - A two day trip to Morocco.

We offer with this magnificent excursion, a two-day and one-night trip to Tangier, a city more than 2,500 years old. The city is located in the northwest corner of the country, on the Strait of Gibraltar, which separates Africa from Europe.

Captivating city you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Tangier's culture, explore its history and discover the little hidden treasures it hides. Join this excursion and embark on an unforgettable journey!

Upon arrival in Tangier, you will be accompanied by a local guide. Without wasting time, and after explaining the location of your 4-star hotel where you can leave your luggage and rest for the night (check-in time depends on room availability, it is usually in the afternoon/evening), we will start discovering the most emblematic places of this beautiful cosmopolitan city.

The narrow and winding streets of the Medina will lead us to interesting places in the city such as the Cave of Hercules. We will finish the tour with a visit to the Sultan's Palace or the souks of Tangier. We will also have time to walk around the beautiful city and its most emblematic streets.

🛈 Join our excursions!!! Live the best experience in Tangier with 2 days and 1 night from Seville! From Seville, a private transport will pick you up and take you directly to the port of Tarifa, located in the province of Cadiz. Once you arrive at the port, you will board the ferry that will take you across the Strait of Gibraltar to Tangier in less than an hour.
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Photographs of the Tangier excursion

  • Escape to Tangier

    Escape to Tangier

    A 2-day trip from Seville to Tangier including a hotel night.

  • Discover Tangier by joining a local guide on a tour of the Medina.

    Discover Tangier by joining a local guide on a tour of the Medina.

    Visit the most interesting places in the city and soak up the atmosphere.

  • Embark on a journey to discover Tangier

    Embark on a journey to discover Tangier

    Fascinating about the culture and traditions of the city.

  • Learn All About Tangier

    Learn All About Tangier

    Discover Tangier excursion with a local guide visiting the souks.

2-days trip to Tangier

  • More details of your activity in Tangier

    2 days getaway to Tangier from Seville - Travel to Morocco

    When you leave Tangier, you will leave with beautiful images and unforgettable memories. You will feel that you have made a journey that enriches both the person and the soul.

    Tangier, known as a multicultural enclave, has long been considered a point of attraction for many artists and writers from around the world at different times. They were attracted by its climate, its landscapes and its "quirky" side.

    People who visit the city today have fallen in love with its streets, its people and its excellence. You will be able to enjoy the cultural and historical offer of this ancient international city, but also one of the most important in Morocco.

    Tangier Medina

    When you think of Morocco, you think of the Medina, the souk and the handicrafts. Tangier, a very touristic city, is no exception to the rule. Therefore, after seeing the caves, you will have the opportunity to see the souk and the Medina of the city. By discovering the souks of Tangier, you will undoubtedly immerse yourself in the authentic soul of the city.

    You will undoubtedly be surprised by the interesting mix of modern buildings with narrow streets and typical houses. You will be able to take a unique photo worthy of the most beautiful postcards.

    Our trip to a city with a multicultural flavor, combining North African and Southern European culture, is perfect for those who wish to learn more about the remarkable Moroccan culture.

    Together we will visit the most important places of the Moroccan city.

    Among them, we find first of all the Caves of Hercules, which have been a tourist attraction since 1920.

    The Caves of Hercules

    The caves are natural limestone caverns that open to the sea and into which the sea slides at high tide. They are located about ten kilometers from Tangier. Its name comes from ancient mythology. According to it, Hercules, Greek demigod and son of Zeus, took refuge there before stealing the golden apples, offered by Zeus to Hera, but stolen by the Hesperides.

    Tangier Souks and Moroccan Gastronomy

    The closer you get to the heart of the souks, the narrower and more mysterious the alleys become. If you feel like it, you can do some shopping in some of them. When you arrive in the Medina, you will have the opportunity to stroll through its streets or along the promenade. You will also have the opportunity to taste the delicious Moroccan gastronomy in some of its most typical restaurants.

    Moroccan cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine characterized by its variety of dishes coming mainly from the Berber cuisine, although it also has Arab, Jewish and Andalusian influences. You probably won't be able to resist couscous, tajine or pastilla.

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  • Availability and Prices

    Check our reservation calendar for tour prices and availability of times and days at different times of the year.

  • Included

    • 2 day trip to Tangier
    • Private transportation to and from Seville.
    • Ferry tickets Tarifa - Tangier - Tarifa.
    • One night in a 4 star hotel.
    • Dinner and breakfast.
    • Moroccan and Tangier local guide.
    • Guided tour of the surroundings and the historical center of Tangier.
    • Visit to the Caves of Hercules.
    • Visit of the Tangier Medina
    • Visit to the great souk of Tangier.
    • Short ride on camel back.
  • Not included

    • Visit of Tetouan (If you are interested in Tetouan, we have another excursion available).
    • Additional beverages other than lunch.
  • Cancellation policy (read it)

    • High cancellation policy.
    • Cancellation up to 48 hours before the start of the activity: free of charge and 100% refund. Between 48 and 24 hours, 50% reimbursement. Less than 48 hours, late arrival or no-show at the meeting point: no refund is possible. If you need to cancel your reservation, please contact us.
  • What tips do you need to know before your visit?

    • Have your passport and ID card with you throughout the excursion.
    • Small suitcases for a 2-days trip.
    • Very comfortable shoes.
    • Bottles of water (better 2/3 small frozen).
    • If you want to change Euros to Dirhams, we recommend you to talk to our local guide for advice. Most stores in Tangier accept euros.
    • Sunscreen.
    • Hats, caps.
    • If you are a landscape lover and like to take pictures, don't forget to bring your camera/video camera. It is interesting to do a sequence shot in the souk, for example.
  • Rules & Restrictions

    • Late arrivals will not be refunded . If the group is prepared, an acceptable time will be expected (about 5/7mn).
  • Accessibility

    • Please contact us to inform us of your accessibility needs.
  • Trips of one day or several days Seville - Tangier - Seville

    Tours to Tangier can be 100% private and if you are interested, please contact us today. !

  • FAQ: Travel to Tangier

    Answers to frequently asked questions.

    How long is the trip to Tangier?

    Tangier is a city in Morocco, which is about 1,000 miles away from the capital of Morocco, Rabat. The trip to Tangier takes 2 days and departs from Seville.

    What are some of the highlights of this excursion to Tangier from Seville?

    Some of the highlights of this tour to Tangier from Seville include the Medina. The Medina is a densely populated neighborhood in the old city of Tangier. It was built on seven hills and has narrow corridors that wind through alleys lined with stores and mosques. The Kasbah is an ancient Arab fortified fortress in Tangier, Morocco. The Atlantic Sea is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with turquoise waters, fine sand and lush palm trees lining the coast.

    Is the Cave of Hercules a cave located in Tangier?

    The Cave of Hercules is a cave in Tangier, Morocco. It is a natural sinkhole that was formed when the Mediterranean Sea receded. The cave has been inhabited by humans since prehistoric times and has been used for a variety of purposes, including worship, hiding and storage of goods. The Cave of Hercules is one of the historical places to visit in Tangier. It was first discovered by the Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama in 1471 after his voyage to India.

    The excursion offers to spend a night in a hotel in Tangier?

    Yes, the trip includes one night in a Tangier hotel, as Tangier is a beautiful and diverse place. It has much to offer travelers with its beaches, history and culture. One of the most popular activities in Tangier is to spend the night in a hotel. It's always fun and a good adventure.


Your starting point is your hotel in the center of Seville or at this address (please let us know what you prefer by email or whatapps once we are in contact).

  Rue Rastro 12A - Seville

  • Row

    I just want to say that this was a great trip, and I will not forget the wonderful time we had.
  • Kristallen

    I highly recommend the trip to anyone looking for a fun and memorable experience!
  • Melody

    It was a memorable experience.
  • Messer

    I joined this tour to Tangier from Seville and totally fell in love with the country. At first I thought it was going to be two days in a stuffy, dusty tourist trap, but by the time I left, I had fallen in love with the culture. This tour really opened my eyes to the Moroccan beauty which I must say is a hidden gem!
  • Dan

    Morocco is a beautiful country and I really enjoyed my two days there!
  • Sartain

    I did a 2-day trip to Tangier from Seville with the group I traveled with, and it was an amazing experience. I was able to see the beauty of the city on a tour that was very inexpensive given the length of time.
  • Miguel

    We had an amazing time! It was well worth it!
  • David

    I loved the Seville-Tangier itinerary and it was a great way to start my vacation.

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    From €269