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Gibraltar from Seville in 1 Day - Day trip Rock of Gibraltar 2022

This tour is the perfect way to see the Rock of Gibraltar and its incredible views in just one day.

 Rock of Gibraltar
 Available all year
 1 day
 English, Spanish
 489 Opinions
One day trips - Rock of Gibraltar
From  €119

Gibraltar from Seville in 1 Day - Day trip Rock of Gibraltar - 2022

This tour is the perfect way to see the Rock of Gibraltar and its incredible views in just one day.

 Rock of Gibraltar
 Available all year
 1 day
 English, Spanish
 489 Opinions.
Gibraltar Excursion

The Rock of Gibraltar, a piece of British history that all travelers must visit !!! This day trip to Gibraltar will allow you to discover the best attractions of the Rock of Gibraltar for a reasonable price and to see the famous monkeys of Gibraltar!

Gibraltar Day Trip from Seville - Admire views of the Moroccan and Spanish coasts bordering the Mediterranean Sea
visit to the rock of gibraltar monkeys gibraltar
Day Trip To Gibraltar

General Description

A day in Gibraltar from Seville: Excursion to the Rock of Gibraltar

👉 Witness first-hand the 'collision of cultures embedded' still on the Rock of Gibraltar. Plus, see the friendly macaques (monkeys) as you explore this amazing place. Be sure to look across the narrows and see the shores of Africa!

As you travel south from Seville on your day trip to Gibraltar, you will marvel at the impressive Rock of Gibraltar, which juts into the Strait of Gibraltar at just 6.8 km2 (4.5 sq mi).

This peninsula is worth seeing, as it is home to the Rock of Gibraltar, which is not only a spectacular natural wonder, but also holds a wealth of history.

During the day, you can enjoy the beautiful views from the top of the Rock and look out to sea, as the Rock juts into the Mediterranean Sea and is surrounded by beaches and charming coastal villages. This tour is the best way to get to know Gibraltar and what to see in Gibraltar in one day. It is also an excellent way to see one of the most famous sites in the area, the Barbary macaque monkeys of the Rock in this "English" corner of Spain.

  • Included

    • Professional Guide.
    • Departure to Gibraltar from Seville.
    • Transportation by minivan / bus with air conditioning.
    • 9H approx of Day Trip with return to Seville.
    • Meet the legendary Barbary monkeys
    • Visit to St. Michael's Cave in Gibraltar
    • Visit St. Michael's Cave of Gibraltar.
    • Free time to shooping.
    • Professional Guide.
    • Round trip Seville-Gibraltar.
  • Not included

    • Drinks and food.
    • Hotel pick up.

Please, check the voucher you will receive for the details and specific instructions about this activity.

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    What To Expect

    Highlights visit to the famous Rock of Gibraltar

    If you are visiting Seville, you may be looking for things to do around Seville . One great thing is to take a day trip to the Rock of Gibraltar from Seville . The Rock of Gibraltar is one of the most beautiful and historical places to see in the area, and the trip is well worth it.

    • Day trip to Gibraltar from Seville.
    • Walking tour of the city.
    • Visit the famous Rock of Gibraltar.
    • Visit the cave of San Miguel de Gibraltar.
    • See the macaque monkeys of Barbary Rock.
    • Free time to shop for souvenirs, gifts and products in the main street.
    • Spanish-English expert guide.
    • Pick up and drop off in Seville.
    • Transportation included.
    • More information in the details section...

    Gibraltar attracts travelers

    The Rock of Gibraltar, a British overseas territory, is one of the most important landmarks of the Iberian Peninsula .

    Its imposing natural feature is the main reason why it should be included in your itinerary when you travel to Andalusia. But the Rock of Gibraltar is not just a natural wonder: it is a city with its own urban environment that is worth exploring.

    The Rock of Gibraltar is located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula and is the southernmost point of continental Europe. It is an extraordinary place that is worth visiting and admiring the magnificence of its natural and man-made features .

    The Rock of Gibraltar is undoubtedly the center of many sights in the southeast of Andalusia .

    A tourist landmark known for being a tax cradle but also known worldwide for the Barbary apes that live in freedom all over the rock.

    The funniest thing about Gibraltar's monkeys is that they regard the rock as their untouchable lair.

    With this trip to Gibraltar everything begins with a departure from Seville.

    And as this excursion to Gibraltar promises to be very promising, we will set your meeting point at 9:00 am.

    Gibraltar is about a two hour drive from Seville . On the way you can see the landscapes of the province of Cádiz and its incomparable cork and pine forests.

    Once the customs protocol is completed, we will begin the Tour of the Rock .

    The Pillars of Hercules

    We will go to the entrance of the Natural Reserve of Gibraltar, where we will make a first stop to see the monument of the famous Columns of Hercules .

    The Columns got their name from one of the twelve labors of Heracles, and more particularly from the one that had to recover the oxen of Geryon, that monstrous beast with a hideous triple body.

    Gibraltar is a British territory with an area of only 6.8 square kilometers and is located on a small peninsula south of the Iberian Peninsula. The Muslim invasion of Europe began in the Bay of Gibraltar. It took seven centuries for it to be taken by the Christians and, after finally passing from hand to hand in 1713, it was handed over to the British crown with the Treaty of Utrecht; Today Spain continues to claim sovereignty for its part with the celebration of Brexit; 95% of the population of Gibraltar remains in the European Union, but since the whole of the United Kingdom has won the game towards Gibraltar, it has no choice but to cease being the European space at the end of March 2019.

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    Nice day trip from Seville to Gibraltar

    Enjoy a special visit. There are more than 700 steps to climb to reach the top. But it is worth the effort to see such a spectacular piece of natural history and gaze out over the Atlantic Ocean. This is a great opportunity to see one of the most famous landmarks in the world, and it can all be done in just one day!

    Visit to St. Michael's Cave in Gibraltar

    We will visit the Cuevas de San Miguel, an incredible cave in the heart of Gibraltar with many geological structures such as stalactites and stalagmites that will leave us surprised and impressed. Visiting the Cueva de San Miguel is a good visual experience.

    We will enjoy incredible views over the Rock of Gibraltar and the mountain undulations of Mount Jebel Musa , which can be perfectly seen on the Moroccan coast on the other side of the ocean.

    While walking around the city, if you like architecture, you will also see some unique architectural buildings that represent a very interesting mix of Portuguese, Genoese, Moorish, Spanish and British architectural styles.

    Favorite place of many travelers, we will also see the Cuevas de San Miguel. A series of rocky caves, mainly made of limestone, located at the top of the Natural Reserve of the Rock of Gibraltar and that an amazing cave in the heart of the rock very alive in color and with geological formations such as stalactites and stalagmites.

    Our trip to Gibraltar will end with a visit to the Great Siege Tunnels , excavated in the 18th century by English soldiers, where you will learn new details about the history of Gibraltar.

    Along the way, you will meet Barbary apes or Gibraltar monkeys curious about your steps on the Rock.

    Introduced by British soldiers in the 18th century and the only ones living in freedom in Europe, they are Gibraltar's number one attraction. Many people only come to visit the Rock of Gibraltar to have a Selfie with one of them.

    It's really fun to watch. His activity, sometimes wild, sometimes quiet, is unpredictable. Fights and fights, indifferent ignorance and prolonged naps alternate. Dominant male monkeys often draw attention to their dominant claim and constantly assert themselves.

    But beware, it is better to refrain from feeding the monkeys and to always be vigilant, to have all the pockets of the bags closed tightly and to secure, by the strap, the cameras and videos, because they are fast as lightning and have an eye for good things (for the short story, we lost a good, very valuable camera on last year so be careful !!).

    Once we have finished our route through Gibraltar , it will be time to have a good lunch and try the local culinary and gastronomic dishes in a recommended bar / restaurant or free time for sandwiches and drinks.

    After lunch, you will have time to visit the commercial area of the city around the famous Calle Mayor , where there are many shops and boutiques. This area is now known as the main commercial and shopping district of Gibraltar.

    After a morning full of clichés, monunits, walks, roads and exciting streets that we will have seen, surely you will want to stop and look for good purchases without VAT.

    As you may have heard, Gibraltar offers a very special shopping experience since the most common purchases are cosmetics, perfumes, tobacco, spirits, electronic equipment and jewelery , they are tax free and therefore cheaper.

    You will return from Gibraltar around 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in Seville . In this way, upon arrival you can rest and continue enjoying your evening in the Andalusian capital after a fantastic day trip to Gibraltar from Seville.

  • Languages

    In Spanish, English.

  • Availability and Prices

    Check the prices of the visit and the availability of hours and days according to the time of year in our reservation calendar.

  • Cancellation policy

    • High cancellation policy.
    • As a general rule, all our activities have a cancellation policy up to 24 hours before the start of the tour. In the case of Grenade, this free cancellation policy is 48 hours. Do not carry your passport or vaccination certificate or other documentation required for entry into Gibraltar, no refunds will be accepted.
  • What tips do you need to know before your visit?

    • Don´t forget your identification documents such as ID card and passport. WITHOUT THEM YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ENTER GIBRALTAR. Once the customs protocol is completed, we will begin the Rock Tour of Gibraltar. If you have any doubts, please call +34 654 871 750 24 hours before the excursion
    • ESSENTIAL: do not forget to take your Passport with you (ORIGINAL, PHOTOCOPIES NOT ACCEPTED). The company is not responsible for problems in customer documentation when accessing Gibraltar. and returns are not accepted as they do not have their documents in rules, updated, nominative.
    • Clothes to be comfortable throughout the day.
    • Water bottle.
  • Rules & Restrictions

    • Late arrivals will not be reimbursed . If the group is complete, the visit will begin waiting for a time acceptable to those who are delayed (about 5 / 7mn). HAVE YOUR DOCUMENTS ON TOP DURING THE WHOLE DAY OF THE EXCURSION.
  • Accessibility

    • Since not all attractions are fully accessible, the Environment, Heritage and Climate Change Service can provide free access. For more information, write to ur& or call: +350 20071648 (from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. in winter time / from 8 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. in summer time) or consult its website send a request through its form:Accessibility in Gibraltar
  • Private Tours

    If you prefer a private visit in your own language, adapted to your needs, consult our private visits section or send us a request through our form: CUSTOM MADE PRIVATE VISIT IN SEVILLE .


    The answers to the most frequently asked questions

    Where is Gibraltar located?

    Gibraltar, British overseas territory located on a narrow peninsula on the Mediterranean coast of southern Spain, just northeast of the Strait of Gibraltar, on the eastern flank of the Bay of Gibraltar (Algeciras Bay), and just south of the Spanish city of La Línea.

    Is Gibraltar part of the United Kingdom or part of Spain?

    Gibraltar does not belong to Spain. The Rock of Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory. The Governor's Office supports the Governor and Commander-in-Chief in the performance of his constitutional role and duties as Her Majesty's Representative in Gibraltar. Spanish law has no legal effect in Gibraltar.

    Can I live in Gibraltar?

    Only Gibraltarians and British citizens may live and work in Gibraltar without a residence permit. Nationals of other EU member states obtain a residence permit if they can prove that they will not become a burden on the state. To enter Gibraltar it is necessary to have a valid passport.

    Is Gibraltar part of Spain?

    Gibraltar was captured in 1704 during the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714). In doing so, Gibraltar, a British overseas territory located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. Gibraltar has for years been the subject of an irredentist territorial claim by Spain.

    The best of Gibraltar

    • Main Street and Casemates Square. Located at the north end of Main Street, Casemates Square is the largest public space in Old Town and a popular gathering place due to its numerous restaurants, cafes and stores. Although it was completed in 1817, evidence of settlements dating back to the Moorish era of the 10th century has been found. Although it served as a trading post for centuries, today the plaza is a venue for concerts, many cultural events and fun activities. The city's main attractions include open-air concerts, Fiestas Patrias celebrations and the increasingly popular La Calentita Gastronomic Festival.

    • The monkeys of Gibraltar. Gibraltar is famous for Barbary macaques, a species native to Morocco, and the only monkeys living in the wild in all of Europe. Legend has it that if the monkeys leave Gibraltar, the British will leave too. A great way for you to see the monkeys and the main attractions of the colony is to take a tour of the Rock of Gibraltar.

    • The Upper Rock Nature Reserve The reserve, which covers more than 40% of the island, is St. John's. Michael's Cave, as well as Forbes Quarry, where one of the world's earliest female Neanderthal skulls was found. in 1848.

    • The Gibraltar Cable CarThismagnificent cable car was built in 1966 and is capable of carrying groups of up to 30 passengers at a time to a height of 412 meters above the "Top of the Rock". An interesting audio guide provides details of the main attractions along the way. From the top station, you can access many of the main attractions on this list, as well as enjoy a charming café and terraces with breathtaking views from the Mediterranean to Morocco.

    • Europa Point. Europa Point is located at the southernmost point of the Gibraltar peninsula. The historic 19th century Trinity Lighthouse, the ancient European Chapel of Our Lady and the impressive Mosque Protectorate are worth seeing. Recent attractions include the island's only cricket field and the Sikorski monument, which was erected in memory of one of the Polish generals who died here in 1943 in a plane crash.

    • The 'Mediterranean' Steps / the Stairs of Gibraltar. For the fit and adventurous, access to the highest point of Gibraltar can also be made on foot. While the wonderful Mediterranean staircase, a steep staircase built by the British army in the 18th century that literally takes you up and down the island, is difficult to climb, it is not without its rewards. Along the way, there are many opportunities to stop, catch your breath and admire the diversity of Gibraltar's flora and fauna.

    • Gibraltar Skywalk and Windsor Suspension BridgeArelatively new attraction, the Skywalk is already one of the best things to do when visiting the Gibraltar Nature Reserve. Perched 340 meters above the Mediterranean, the Skywalk is an incredible experience, as the cliff drops below your feet to the shore far below. It stretches 71 meters over a spectacular 50-meter gorge, and the views of the Strait of Gibraltar are breathtaking.

    • Moorish Castle.The Moors Perched high above the old town of Gibraltar and overlooking Casemates Square, the Medieval Moorish Castle is certainly an imposing sight. In some places, you can still see the scars of the island's numerous sieges. Your address : 5 Moorish Castle Estate, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

    • The Alameda.Gibraltar Botanical Garden The beautiful Gibraltar Botanical Garden, also known as the Alameda Garden, is a great place to spend some time away from the often crowded attractions of other parts of the island.

    • Dolphin watchingThesepopular tours are undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Gibraltar for families and suitable for children of all ages. Lasting approximately 75 minutes, these marine life adventures include an exciting ride on a specially designed observation boat to navigate alongside pods of up to 200 dolphins swimming in the Strait of Gibraltar.

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