Spending a beautiful day in Seville

Spending a beautiful day in Seville

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Olé – Hello to the flamenco city !

The capital of the Autonomous Region of Andalusia and fourth largest city in Spain is our Belle Séville. The city is considered the “cradle of the dance” and is closely linked to flamenco (you can see the Baile Flamenco museum which is entirely dedicated to flamenco and unique in the world).

As you walk around the city, you will be totally fascinated by its charm and beauty. No wonder Seville has been the stage for many famous operas such as Verdi, Mozart and Beethoven.

Yes, we know it, we’re lucky, there’s a lot to discover about Seville..

For example, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, a UNESCO cultural heritage site since 1987. Or the Plaza de España, a 50,000 m² square and a tourist attraction.

Visitors from all over the world like to have their picture taken in front of one of the 48 tile ornaments of the Spanish provinces with maps, historical events and coats of arms.


A short summary of the best monuments and places to spend a good day in Seville. :

Seville Triana

If your hotel is located in the Triana district, you can start here with sightseeing. Triana is an artistic, artisanal and residential district, which is located in front of the centre, on the other side of the Guadalquivir River.

Triana Vue De La Riviere Guadalquivir
View of Triana from the Guadalquivir River

Guadalquivir of Seville

Crossing the Puente de Isabel II, we come from Triana to the centre. The bridge crosses the Guadalquivir. On both sides of the river a lot is happening. There are many bars and restaurants. And on Sundays, Sevillians love to walk ther.

Seville Plaza de Toros

Not far from the bridge over the river bank there are several sights such as the Teatro de la Maestranza, the Torre del Oro or the bullring of La Real Maestranza.

University of Seville – Fabrica de Tabacos

If you continue to follow the walk you will reach Palazzo San Telmo and the Hotel Alfonso XIII. The University of Seville is also nearby. It used to be a tobacco factory, but it looks more like a palace. The factory inspired Próspero Merimée (French writer, historian and archaeologist) the short story “Carmen” (better known as Bizet’s opera).

Seville Plaza de Espana

The Plaza de España is also a highlight. A really huge square with fountains, 2 towers, tile bridges and benches. The main fountain often creates beautiful, clearly visible rainbows.

Ceramica De Madrid Plaza De Espana
Details Plaza de España in Seville

Seville Parque Maria Luisa

In the park there are not only trees, flowers and lakes, but also several museums and the royal pavilion. In the picture below you can see the Provincial Archaeological Museum.

The Palace of Pedro the Cruel: Reales Alcazares

The palace of Pedro el Cruel (Peter the Cruel) is reminiscent of a palace of the “Thousand and One Nights”. The palace of Charles V is, by comparison, very simple. Don’t forget to visit the gardens. Columbus or Magellan were also received in the palace of Isabella I.

The Cathedral of Seville

In the Cathedral, a Gothic monument of the Unescom heritage, is also the tomb of Columbus. Nevertheless, it has been proved that at least part of the bones really came from Christopher Columbus (or Cristobal Colon as he is called in Spain).

Seville – Plaza de Santa Cruz

Seville has many small, green and idyllic squares, such as the Plaza de Santa Cruz with a wrought iron cross in the middle.

Seville – Casa de Pilatos

The Casa de Pilatos, in the Jewish quarter, is a real gem. Fadrique Enriquez de Ribera built this palace after his return from Jerusalem. From the outside, the building is not very impressive.

Fadrique Enríquez de Ribera (Seville, 1476 – ibidem, 6 November 1539), Spanish nobleman, 1st Marquis of Tarifa and 6th Major of Andalusia, son of Pedro Enríquez de Quiñones (4th Major of Andalusia) and Catalina de Ribera, lady of the Coronil and the Aguzaderas.1 He was a nobleman in the transit period between the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance..

But on entering the inner courtyard, one suddenly finds oneself in the middle of a palace of Roman appearance whose walls are covered with many coloured tiles.

The gardens are also a dream with many flowers, columns and statues. The upper floor can also be visited. It is pleasant to look at, but cannot compete with the garden and the inner courtyard.

Another peculiarity of Seville is that there is a church to be admired on almost every corner. You walk around without suspecting anything and suddenly you find yourself in front of an impressive church that is often not described in the travel guide.


Casa Pilato Seville
Casa Pilatos of Seville

And let’s not forget the gastronomy of Seville… :

There is nothing better than eating under the beautiful Spanish sun 😉, enjoying the food and drinks offered by the Andalusian gastronomy and Seville’s tapas. Of course, typical foods such as tortilla, ham, cheese, etc. are also available., deep fried seville fish but also Spanish wine and beer.

Video of how to prepare your own tapas

Travel tips for Seville :

Casa de Pilatos: It is necessary to pay the entrance fee for the courtyard and gardens, the upper floor is not necessarily to be seen.

Giralda: The climb to the cathedral bell tower is an absolute must. We have a fantastic view of Seville. In addition, it climbs up a ramp so it’s not too exhausting. The Giralda was a minaret.

Holy Week: Seville’s Holy Week is one of the best religious celebrations in the world. It is the time when Sevillians gather to accompany the 60 brotherhoods that parade in procession from the city’s main churches to the cathedral before returning to their starting point.

Flamenco: Our advice is to do the show proposed by labelleseville.com. The show is very well organized and not too long and the Flamenco dancers are great. (some even have prizes).

Starbucks in front of the Cathedral: You can drink a delicious cappuccino or cocoa in a nice atmosphere and eat a muffin to plan your next city tour. There are delicious local pastries at the end of the street in a beautiful old delicatessen.


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