Why should you must come to most beautiful City of the world : Seville?

Reasons to come to Seville

por Lourdes Patricia Román Cano
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Seville city of pleasure

A complex question to which I will answer you immediately: because from the moment you see her, you will fall madly in love with her.

You must visit Seville, because more than a city, it is a woman eager to be courted. A beautiful gypsy who, with the streets bathed by the sun, makes the ruffles of her flamenco dress, who puts on the Golden Tower and the Giralda of earrings, who washes her face in the Guadalquivir and who, when night falls, decorates her hair with blankets of moon and stars.

The wind makes her vibrate between aromas of orange blossom and notes of arrogant beauty.

Seville love city for travellers

You must visit Seville because not only is she beautiful, she is also a good friend. She is like an old companion and at the same time like a stranger who walks smiling in the street. She is surrounded by an aura of familiarity that makes you feel at home, even if you have just arrived. And from there its charm, the ease with which it opens the door of its bars, with which it speaks to you every word, with which it narrows you in its arms as soon as you see it. There is no other comparable to his daring taconeo. He wakes you up and takes you to dreamland just by stepping on the ground.


And Always Seville

Seville is a beautiful gypsy who, with the streets bathed by the sun, makes the ruffles of her flamenco costume, which puts on the Torre del Oro and the Giralda of earrings.

Feeling the Beautiful Seville

You must visit Seville because it is impossible to get lost in its streets and not find yourself in its sky. In Seville, the day becomes night almost without you noticing it, and the night vanishes like magic while you drown some churros in a sea of burning chocolate. There are no clocks. Because time is the least. It’s the heartbeats that set the pace for your journey. They are accelerated by that growing thirst for beauty, for art, for pure magic that is born when the Lorenzo awakens. They are appeased when the sunset caresses every part of your body.

You must visit Seville because it will transform your way of understanding life. It will change it completely. It will remove all problems. The capricious Andalusian queen does not tolerate sadness. Not even the cold. Nor faces that are too long or too serious. Nor to those who arrive home early. Nor to those who leave it soon. Because Seville is guarded from every evil that dares to importune its joy. She is protected by virgins covered with celestial mantles, puppies and macarenes wrapped in clouds of incense when spring arrives. She is guarded by thousands of arms dyed red and green that raise their hands to recite their hymns and shouts of joy of those who have no words. Even tourists tickle his belly with the swaying of his sandals. All to see her happy.

You must visit Seville because it is forbidden “the last one and we leave”. What’s more, any excuse is a good excuse to have a drink. One to start with. The screams of the people can be heard from the terraces all year round. Rather dead than putting the chair in. The grandchildren draw happiness on their grandparents’ faces with laughter.

They accumulate a whole collection of wrinkles under which they hide frantic stories. How many early dawns stained with albero! How many sevillanas they will have learned on their bones! And the number of kisses witnessed by the mischievous Fair Cover! If the months of April were to speak…

Seville takes your heart and soul

You must visit Seville ” La Perla de Andalucia” with us because when you have to leave, you will look for any pretext to stay. You will shed tears of farewell, as they are shed for not knowing how to say goodbye to a lover.

You will want to press it against your chest, you will want to admire it from above, you will want to look once again at the imperfect profile of its perfect monuments , beautiful parks as Maria Luisa Park. And tell her how beautiful she looks. And tell her how much you will miss her.

And promise her, as many before promised her, that you will carry her within you, that she has already taken possession of your heart and that nothing in the world could ever make you forget her. Not even the course of a lifetime.

Why should you visit Seville? Because… Who wouldn’t want to? As the writer Antonio Gala has already said: “The bad thing is not that Sevillians think they have the most beautiful city in the world? The worst thing is that they may even be right.”

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