Gastronomic route around Seville – The Good Eating in Seville

Gastronomic route around Seville

Discover Sevillian gastronomy to go for tapas

The city has a very rich gastronomy and responds to what it is itself: “purity in the mixture”. Mestizaje of the flavors of the land that have been joining each other since time immemorial.

Since the Romans developed a kind of madness with their taste for garum – a fish sauce – adding their meals, and the catches of bluefin tuna that the Phoenicians began in the traps of the Atlantic coast of Cadiz and still today are sent to Japan as a genuine luxury product, the flavours which come to us from the East during the Middle Ages and later from the West with the American incorporations, which come to join in our gazpacho.

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A special mention should be made of the following contributions, such as those surrounding the Sherry wine. That this wine has made its journey in the holds of hundreds of ships and to all over the world.

And it’s not to be presumptuous, but when it comes time to taste wines and eat tapas in the traditional style that is tasting different dishes in different places, we have the perfect ingredients. Pleasant people, a perfect atmosphere and ingredients of supreme quality.

Discover our gastronomic routes through Seville.

Class Cooking a Paella with a chef in Seville.

From all over the globe we have received these ingredients and the way to use them in an authentic gastronomical route. So, to us, who have fallen in love with the food of this land we would like to bring you through the best of it. Come with La Belle Sevilla for this gastronomic journey, tasting our traditional recipes and local wines.

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Of course, our beloved river Guadalquivir not only offers us wonderful sunset views of its Riverside and Triana´s food market, it is also the communication with the ocean through which our culinary journey will continue. Nowadays and since always the Andalusian cuisine has a lot from our sea, amongst the more popular recipes we can find the cod with tomato sauce – so very traditional during Lent -, the Wild Bluefin Tuna captured in the shores during their migratory periods and of course the delicious Huelva prawns that cannot be missing in a luxury aperitif. We have a variety of vegetables that add the touch we want with their flavour and freshness. From the ” green sea ” that is the interior full of innumerable olive trees we can taste the olive oil that generously waters our recipes with golden touches, the delightful extra virgin olive oil. This olive oil, full of beneficial effects for the organism is primordial in the table. Without even going any further, it is one of the main ingredients of the region’s star dishes, gazpacho.

Gazpacho has become an authentic symbol of the victory of the simple and our traditional cuisine, if it originated from those porridge and soups from the humblest classes to being equilibrated and cheap. Fresh and tasty dish, which is perfect for the climatic conditions in which we live, particularly during the summer, what we crave most is a good tapa of fresh gazpacho.

If the original recipe of the gazpacho is water, olive oil, salt, peppers and tomato; these can be modified in their proportions or replaced by others to create variations. The Ajoblanco with almonds, the porra antequerana, and the salmorejo from Cordoba.


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After some appetizers to open the appetite and a enjoyable meal comes time of desserts. We can trace the influence of Andalusian culture through many of them – the term used to define that part of the Iberian Peninsula under Muslim domination – through the pestiños, polvorones, rosquitos de vino and the delicious torrijas so typical during Easter. It´s not only about tapas as you can see!

This route is not complete without mentioning our wines among the great denominations of origin that exist in Spain. Well-known are denominations such as Cava, Ribera del Duero, Rioja and Rueda, but the Jerez or Sherry has its rightful place of honour here, which speaks to us once again of this blending in the way it is strongly related to families of British origin who took these Andalusian wines all over the world. Perfect to start our wine tasting with and not knowing when to finish, like the April fair in Seville.

Because in Seville everything is different! Because we are Andalusians! Because our gastronomy and wines are unique and will conquer you!

Cheers Traveller!



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