Deep fried Seville fish, better if local !

Better if local!

Deep fried Seville fish

We all know that fish is one of the healthy choices when it comes to choosing our food intake. Delicious in any of its preparations or perfect tapas, full of vitamins, proteins and fats that are beneficial to health are an assured success when it lands on our table. It is also a wonderful source of omega 3, the amount of which of course will vary depending on each species. But after that, the pescaíto (the local word for deep fried fish), if it is local even better. 

In addition, each one of them is inserted in the ways of living of the places we visit, so that it is in communion with the culinary and gastronomic universe. Related to the other ingredients provided by the local environment where we operate, in relation to the economic activities of the regions and other crops that are developed.

It is culture       

In addition, they will be fish that are well known, as they are part of the cultural and gastronomic panorama. If we say Huelva or Sanlúcar de Barrameda we are going to immediately think of their famous seafood. The famous prawns of Huelva. In the same way that Rota implies Urta ( Red-banded Sea Bream) and the role that the sea urchins play in the festivities that lead to the Cádiz carnival. In other words, eating is much more than eating. It becomes one more piece of the interdependent fabric of the culture of a particular place, and ultimately one of its elements of identity that make them unique and precious.  

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Variety of seafood in your market

It’s more sustainable   

A huge part of any element we use any day comes from hundreds, or thousands of kilometers; roughly the other part of the world. This implies many things, among them that we have had to spend a lot of energy and produce a waste and pollution that we save if we bring to our table products that come from producers closer. Among all the advantages we can produce from these goods is that we are making our small contribution to the conservation of the planet. You keep those economic resources close to your home, you support the productive fabric of your region and you obtain ingredients that are subject to the strictest health and quality controls; it is a round action. The degree of freshness that your food can retain after travelling 5 km to the kitchen is incomparable to that which in spite of all the care and technical means put into it crosses the whole world by boat, plane or truck to us.

In addition, as we can appreciate if we visit a market; in the variety is the taste. Usually in these places we find many different varieties of product, thus protecting the resources of intensive fishing on a single animal and providing many different options and a smaller environmental footprint.       

Another advantage is traceability, if we know the chain that has taken our product from beginning to end we can be aware of all the details that interest us. Transparency is a factor to be assessed here; whether the right fishing or farming methods are met, where it comes from and how the product is treated and whether it meets the right criteria in all respects.  

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Negras Deep fried fish  (Almería)

And is that the fried fish is delicious       

Although of course there are different types of fish with their different peculiarities, there are also differences when it comes to preparing it. For example, in a place where we have an enormous production of olive oil of exceptional quality, we could not miss the commitment between all our seas, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the green sea that make up the thousands of hectares of olive trees that populate our fields. A spectacular way to enjoy it is with the fried food that has come to be called “a la andaluza”. 

It consists of battering the fish in flour and then frying it. Among the most commonly used are chocos, puntillitas, pijotas, pescadillas, acedías, cazón en adobo, salmonetes and boquerones. 

In the selection that one more wishes, and accompanied with some lemon juice -but very little, since we do not want to conceal the flavor- it is a pleasure difficult to resist, especially in an evening with good temperature and surrounded by friends. They are usually served on a large tray in the middle of the table so that everyone can have as much as they want. A great contribution to a lunch or dinner with friends in Andalusia. 

In Seville we can find many establishments in which fish is worked in a sublime way, but as we speak today of the popular character of fried fish it is necessary to recommend some particular atmospheres. Depending on where you are at the time I recommend three places.

-If you are in the vicinity of the Plaza de España or the district of Santa Cruz, don’t hesitate to go to the vicinity of the church of Santa María la Blanca and your sense of smell will guide you to freiduría Puerta de la Carne.

-In case you are going around Triana,  freiduría Reina Victoria in Rodrigo de Triana street is your place. Tradition in a magical environment such as Triana, having a nice dinner and a walk along the Guadalquivir. How to resist?

-Seville doesn’t end in Plaza Nueva, it’s full of charming places. Among them are those that are a little further north, in the neighborhood of Macarena we can find freiduría La Pastora, with a terrace where you can taste its menu.

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