Gibraltar Day Trip – 1 Day in Gibraltar from Seville

Rock of Gibraltar
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Rock of Gibraltar
From119 €
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The Rock of Gibraltar - Departure excursion from Seville to the monolithic promontory located in the territory of Gibraltar.

A trip to the Strait of Gibraltar to visit the Rock and the Monkeys of Gibraltar

Trip to Seville Strait of Gibraltar

Making a Gibraltar tour in one day from Sevillea is simple and very fun. Located only 2 hours from Seville you will enjoy the sights and sounds of the famous rock.

  • Visit to the Rock of Gibralar
  • A unique place in Europe
  • All year round
  • 1 Day - Return trip to Seville
  • Extraordinary views
  • Gibraltar, Andalusia

Nice day trip from Seville to Gibraltar.  A Gibraltar Visit and St Michael’s Cave to see also the African coast from the Strait of Gibraltar.

Enjoy the visit with :

1 Day | From 119€
Departure from Seville (morning)
Meet the legendary Barbary Monkeys


The Rock of Gibraltar is, without doubt, the centre of many sights in South East Andalusia.

A tourist reference known for being a fiscal cradle but also known worldwide for the Barbary monkeys that live freely all over the rock.

The funny thing about the monkeys of Gibraltar is that they consider the rock as their untouchable lair.

For this tour, your trip to Gibraltar begins with a departure from Seville.

And as this trip to Gibraltar promises to be very promising, we will set your meeting point at 9:00 am.

Gibraltar is about two hours drive from Seville. On the way you will be able to see the landscapes of the province of Cadiz and its incomparable forests of cork oaks and pines.

After our arrival at the Rock of Gibraltar, you will have to cross the border (don’t forget your identification documents such as your ID card and passport).

Once the customs protocol is completed, we will start the Tour of the Rock.

We will go to the entrance of the Gibraltar Nature Reserve where we will make a first stop to see the monument of the famous Columns of Hercules.

The Pillars received their name from one of the twelve works of Heracles, and more particularly from the one who had to recover the oxen of Geryon, that monstrous beast with a frightful triple body.


We will enjoy incredible views over the Rock of Gibraltar and the mountainous undulations of Mount Jebel Musa, which can be seen perfectly on the Moroccan coast on the other side of the ocean.

As you walk around the city, if you like architecture, you will also see some unique architectural buildings that represent a very interesting mix of Portuguese, Genoese, Moorish, Spanish and British architectural styles.

A favorite place for many travelers, we will also see the San Miguel Caves. A series of rocky caves, mainly made of limestone, located at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar Nature Reserve and which an amazing cave in the heart of The Rock very much alive in colour and with geological formations such as stalactites and stalagmites.

Our trip to Gibraltar will end with a visit to the Great Siege Tunnels, excavated in the 18th century by English soldiers, where you will learn new details about the history of Gibraltar.

Along the way you will meet Barbary Apes or Gibraltar Monkeys curious about your steps on the Rock.

Introduced by British soldiers in the 18th century and the only ones living in freedom in Europe, they are Gibraltar’s number one attraction. Many people only come to visit the Rock of Gibraltar to have a Selfie with one of them.

It’s so much fun to watch. Their activity, sometimes wild, sometimes quiet, is unpredictable. Fights and quarrels, indifferent ignorance and long naps alternate. Dominant male monkeys often draw attention to their dominant claim and constantly assert themselves.

But be careful, it’s better to refrain from feeding the monkeys and to be always vigilant, to keep all the pockets of the bags closed and to secure, by the strap, the photo and video cameras, because they are fast as lightning and have an eye for good things (for the little story, we lost a very valuable camera last year, so be careful !!).

Once we have finished our walking tour Gibraltar, it will be time to have a good lunch and try the local culinary and gastronomic dishes in a recommended bar/restaurant or free time for sandwiches and drinks.

After lunch, you will have time to visit the commercial area of the city around the famous Calle Mayor, where you will find many shops and boutiques. This area is now known as Gibraltar’s main shopping and commercial district.

Después de una mañana llena de clichés, monunidades, paseos, caminos y excitantes calles que habremos visto, seguramente querrás detenerte y buscar buenas compras sin IVA.

As you may have heard, Gibraltar offers a very special shopping experience as the most common purchases are cosmetics, perfumes, tobacco, liquor, electronic equipment and jewellery which are duty free and therefore cheaper.

You will return from Gibraltar around 19:00/7:30 in Seville. This way, upon arrival you can rest and continue enjoying your evening in the Andalusian capital after a fantastic day trip to Gibraltar from Seville.

🛈 Gibraltar is a British territory with an area of only 6.8 square kilometres and is situated on a small peninsula in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. The Muslim invasion of Europe began in the Bay of Gibraltar. It took seven centuries for it to be taken over by the Christians and after finally going from hand to hand in 1713 it was handed over to the British crown with the Treaty of Utrecht; today Spain still claims sovereignty for its part with the Brexit celebration; 95% of Gibraltar’s population remains in the European Union but as the whole of the United Kingdom has won the battle for Gibraltar it has no choice but to cease to be the European space at the end of March 2019.

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  • Expert guide
  • Private transport
  • Guided tour of the Rock of Gibraltar

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