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History Seville Giralda
El Gazpacho andaluz tradicional es el plato del verano por excelencia en la Capital Andaluza. Muchos recomiendan que para afrontar el calor de Sevilal en verano se deben tomar 2/3 veces al día. Sopa fría, el gazpacho andaluz proviene del “sopeao” de los antiguos campesinos, que hallan en esta bebida la mejor forma de refrescarse y alimentarse.
Une Journee A Seville
List of monuments to see in a precise order in order to have a good day if you come to visit Seville. Time of outdoor visit between 4h and 6h approx.
maria luisa park statue becker seville
Maria Luisa Park is the most popular in Seville and one of its most breathtaking sources of fresh air. As charming green oasis, the vast Maria Luisa Park is a very pleasant place to visit and is located next to Plaza España. In this article, you will be able to read historical and artistic information. Access map, schedules, information, guided tours.
tour gastronomia paella gazpacho sevilla
The traditional Andalusian Gazpacho is the summer dish par excellence in the Andalusian capital. Many recommend that to face the heat of Sevilal in summer should be taken 2 / 3 times a day. Cold soup, the Andalusian gazpacho comes from the "sopeao" of the old peasants, who find in this drink the best way to refresh and eat.
The archives were created in 1785 at the request of King Charles III to centralize in a single place the documentation relating to the Spanish overseas territories, which had until then been dispersed in various archives: Simancas, Cadiz and Seville.
sevilla ruta gastronomica
Seville is a city of popular traditions and faith, but there is something we must know: its gastronomy and its wines are unique. A great variety of restaurants, taverns, bars, bodegones allow to discover all the secrets of the gastronomy of the Andalusian Capital. But it is always better to do it with a local guide to know thanks to a foodie tour the real flavors and secret places of...
connaitre seville complete
It's a complex question that I'll answer immediately. You have to visit Seville because as soon as you see it: you will fall madly in love with it.
santa cruz seville visit tour du quartier
Enchanted place, the Barrio Santa Cruz is protected by the walls of the Real Alcázar and a labyrinth of streets full of flowery patios all year round and leading to the magnificent Jardines de Murillo.
pescaito de sevilla
We all know that fish is one of the healthy choices when it comes to choosing our food intake. Delicious in any of its preparations or perfect tapas, full of vitamins, proteins and fats that are beneficial to health are an assured success when it lands on our table.
Visit Cathedral Of Seville
Renowned as the largest Gothic church in the world and third largest church in the world, the size and grandeur may arguably stand as the most striking aspect of this extraordinary monument, rich in history and culture.
Seville and its surroundings were l´une of the numerous enclaves chosen by the producer of the HBO series to shoot the sequences of the famous series Game of Thrones.
12 indispensables de seville a voir et visiter
Visiting Seville: what are the 12 best things to see and do in Seville? Discover the best top things to do in Seville including Real Alcázar, Catedral de Sevilla . All our advice in one list because there are really lots of things to see in Seville! Between its historical monuments, its charming districts, its cultural monuments... there is so much to see or visit in the Centre of Seville...
consulats de seville
List of Seville consulates, in alphabetical order. All consulates in Seville. Consulate addresses Seville if you are travelling to Seville. For more information

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catedral de sevilla interior

Visit Cathedral Seville + Giralda – Inside Private Tour with tickets

seville plaza de America museum arts and traditions

Cultural Guided Tour Ibero-American Exhibition

Decouvrir Xeres En 1 Jour Seville Jerez Jerez Seville

Day trip to Jerez from Seville

Parc De Donana Avec Chevaux

Visits to Doñana Park – Day Trip from Seville

crianza cerdos ibericos ronda

Visit to an Iberian pig farm in Ronda


There are many places to visit in Seville: The Real Alcázar, the Great Cathedral, museums, squares, churches, restaurants, good bars, secret and hidden places…… Every traveller is looking for something when he wants to get to know a new city better for the first time. The BelleSeville.com blog will bring you the latest news about the city, the favourite sites of the Sevillians, useful numbers and addresses and even the favourite places of our CEO or the Lourdes: a passionate Sevillian blogger who will tell you things as she feels them. We hope that in time we will become the best blog in Seville to help you find what you’re looking for and give you all the information you need before coming to Seville.


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